2-Stranded Cast On

I love KH!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: So far all of the help I’ve needed has come from Amy’s superb videos but now I need help with this pattern. First how do I do a do a 2-Stranded cast on? It explains it on in the pattern but I must be stupid because I can’t follow the instructions or the diagram. Is it like the long-tail cast on? I hope cuz I’m really good at that now after watching Amy’s vid like a million times. It’s a good thing the vid is digital and not a tape cuz I would have worn it out as many times as I’ve played and replayed it. Okay I’m done rambling now. Thanks in advance.

It looks to me like it IS the long-tail cast on. :slight_smile:

To me, it looks like a long-tail cast on.

Thank you both for saving my sanity. I was about to chuck this pattern.

:?? Definitely long tail cast on…I’ve never heard it called that… :thinking: odd…

I just finished my second sweater and I had two strands of yarn going also. I found the long tail cast on worked best for me. I have also seen it called the Twisted German Cast on: good photos

It is easy to keep loose. I would also suggest to keep your yarn it two seperate ziplock bags. It helps to keep them from twisting up.

best wishes

Hey Joyt

I think you may be right. The pic does show 2 different tails hanging from the needle. They also are 2 different colors. Thank you for help, it’s nice to know it is a different cast on from the long tail.