2-row buttonholes

hello there.

has anyone ever done two-row buttonholes? the pattern says to cast off stitches on the knit row of stocking stitch, which I’ve done fine, then it says to purl across the next row, until I get to the point where the buttonhole starts, and cast on the same number of stitches (3) that I cast off the row before. the only problem is it doesn’t say how to do it, and I can’t work it out. I tried to do it by the cable cast on method, but it doesn’t look right.

any ideas?

When I have to do something like that I use the backward loop method. I doubt I could clearly describe it here, but it’s common and should be in any instruction book. :smiley:

Most of the instructions I’ve seen say to use the cable cast-on for buttonholes like that, because it looks the most “finished.”

There’s a series of four buttonhole videos on the Advanced Techniques page…but no sound, so not as easy to follow. :frowning: