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I am working on 2 things at a time - I know, major multi-tasking… haha… well, the first one was going to be a camo scarf for my husband coming home from boot camp next week but I got the measurements completely wrong… No I didn’t have a pattern, I was just knitting the whole thing… So, I was thinking about unraveling it and starting over and making a simple afghan or something… I really love the yarn. It has all the colors in it that I was looking for but it is all in one… so if anyone has a simple afghan pattern, please let me know…

also, I have a question about making a scrap afghan, how would you do that? Would you bind off all the pieces before you attach them to each other or what? How would you do this? And would it make more sense to do a mattress stitch on this type of project? Please help. Thanks.

  • Mattswyf

Hi Mattswyf- You could make an afghan in the way that you mentioned–you could do it in squares and then sew them together–sort of like you would do w/ granny squares. Sometimes this is a good way to learn new stitches…just try a new stitch for each block–gives it texture. The stitch a day calendar has good suggestions but certainly you can find stitches on the net–I also get some of the ones I try from the Big Book of Knitting–one of my faves.

Have you looked at www. knittingpatterncentral.com ? There are tons of patterns there of all types. You could also just pick a stitch and go for it–selecting one that doesn’t “roll” at the edges/one that is reversable like seed/moss stitch. I don’t know how advanced of a knitter you are so it’s hard to make a suggestion.

Good luck!

The leftover afghan I made years ago and loved, was made from multiple strands of yarn, three four or five, depending on weights, garter stitched strips. Each was about ten or twelve inches across but you could do narrower and more of them or whatever you wanted! I think there were four strips, and when a group of colours ended, or any one of them ran out, I’d stop there, cut the others leaving a ten inch “tail”. Then I’d start a new group of colours. It was kinda different sized squares in each strip, and then all strips were joined. The long danglies of yarn, which were three four or five strands each, were tied in a knot and trimmed to about five inches or whatever. My four boys and assorted dogs would all cuddle together under this very stretchy afghan of many colours. I will likely make another someday. It was actually quite beautiful. Hope this helps! samm