2 German children run away to Africa to get married

Heard this on the news today - thought it was kinda funny considering the children were OK at the end of it all

Wow! I can think of a couple of kids that are probably going to be grounded for awhile! :teehee:

That is an adorable story. What great little planners they are. Thankfully they are ok :thumbsup:

You know, they’re never going to live this down. No naked baby pictures. It’ll be “Did she tell you she tried to elope to Africa when she was 7?”

the furthest I ever made it was the local park or my granny’s house, and I was in SUCH trouble for going to the park without an adult

yeah i saw this story. I thought it was adorable. I liked that they had included her little sister as a ‘witness’. Now that’s planning! Im glad they were safe in the end though!

how cute!!



That’s so cute! I’m glad it all worked out ok.



that’s too cute~thank God they’re alright!!