2 fos

here are some FOs i’ve recently completed.

I made these knucks for my DH and he loves them! I started them last Saturday evening and finished up Monday evening after work.

the other ones are for my DD. basic garter scarf and mittens which she loves! she will not go outside without putting them on first! they took me about 2 days also. 1 for the mittens and 1 for the scarf

Oooh! I love the color of the scarf and mittens. Great job on both! :cheering:

Wow, you’re fast! Great job on everything!

my Uncle just shamelessly and lovingly aske for a pair of wristlets
his hands are bigger than mine, and I have som left over Misty Alpaca bulky, should knit up NICE
and be SOFT and WARM


They all look great! I am making fingerless hand warmers for my family this year, and they are so easy and fun and (thank God!!) they’re even fast!

I’m too chicken to do the finger part yet-you did a wonderful job! I love the colors on your DD’s set-isn’t it nice she loves them too?!

[color=blue]Great job! :cheering: Don’t you love it when they love what you make for them? :heart: Could I ask what pattern you used for your DD’s mittens? I just started a pair last night for my grandson and they seem quite big. May frog them tonight and try again.

anne [/color]

thank you guys for you compliments! I do love it when I make something for someone and they love it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Anne, the pattern I used for my DD mittens is this:

it is so simple and knits up very fast! I finished the pair in about 3-4 hours in the evening while watchin tv.

good luck!