2 Color Yarn Join Question

I am about to knit the scarf in attached file. Shown in single color. Doubless asking for BIG trouble, I would like EITHER to make (a) all Row 5’s in a second color throughout–yielding repeating horizontal strips; or (b) modify the pattern for all rows to: k4 (MC) k4 (SC) k4 (MC)–yielding a vertical stripe thtoughout or © modify all Row 5’s to 4sts (MC) + 4sts (SC) + 4sts (MC).

Questions: Which option would be easiest fto make? Which method of 2-color joining shoud I use for each option?

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I definitly think the horisontal stripes would be easiest. I thinkt he verticl stripes would look REALLY cool, but you’d have to have a separate ball of yarn for each section, and make sure you don’t have holes where the colors join (this is called intarsia, see amy’s video on this page.)
For horizontal stripes, you can knit a few rowws in one color, and then just start knitting with the new color… you won’t be able to carry up the sides because #1 your “old” yarn will end up on the opposite side when you finish a row and #2 5 rows between color repeats is too long to carry the yarn anyway. So, you have all those ends to weave in, carefully on thi pattern because of the lacey look.

:shrug: I guess there are pros and cons to both method…

you COULD do verticle stripes by knitting different “strips” of each color (the notma way) and then sewing them together on the long sides…

*ETA: this pattern is easy enough that you can cast on any number of stitches… so you could do a 6 stitch strip, a 3 stitch strip, a 12 stitch strip, etc. oooo this is a cool idea, I might do this… :thinking:

Thank you for the detailed reply. I understand. So, I will do the horizontal stripe method. Each time I change color, I cut the yarn at the end of the last row, yes? And how do I start a new color at beginning of a row?

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I just start knitting with it :shrug:

What a concept! I guess I will wade in. Thank you.


So, do I tie on the new color at start of color change row? What do I do at the end of the new color row(s)?

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Don’t tie it. Just start knitting with it. You can weave in the ends when you’re done.