[2 Color Question] Confused on what to do

I just started knitting yesterday, or at least tried to. I was able to do the knitted cast on but then when I went to do knit and purl stitches I would mess up somewhere and end up with way more stitches. I didn’t know how to fix it/tink so I kept just taking the whole thing off and redoing it over and over again…

I’m trying to knit a 2 color Sherbrooke Cowl.
I did a 60 stitch “long-tail” cast on - 40 yellow and then 20 pink
"long-tail" is in quotes because I don’t really have a tail. I did the slip-knot and then used the strands that are connected to the ball.

So the pattern is 5knit 5purl repeat, then the next row is 2knit 2purl repeat, and then repeat all over
I’m confused on what to do with the color I’m not currently using. I can’t really just drop it off as it’s still connected to the ball.

To prevent extra sts, move the yarn for the knits and purls between your needles, not over them. Do you keep all the sts in one color over the same color? I think you probably drop one, pick up the other color then knit. On the next row, you’d drop the second color and pick up the first one. You need to twist them together where you switch so there’s not a hole in your knitting. I think the Intarsia video will help you with that; it’s on the Advanced Techniques page.

Still kind of confused.
So on the needle that I have casted on I have first 40 stitches in yellow and then 20 stitches in pink.
When I start doing my knits and purls on the pink what do I do with the strand of yellow so it moves along down.
I’ve pulled on it but it doesn’t seem able to just drop out.

What did you have in mind for how you wanted to use the two colors? This cowl is knitted in the round. If you intended to have an intarsia block of color and then the other color you would probably want to knit it flat and sew it together at the side, although the pattern stitch may not work out as written worked flat. There is some sneaky way of doing intarsia in the round, but I have never done it.

I looked at this pattern at Ravelry and at some projects. I only looked at two pages of projects but didn’t see any worked that way. Some were worked in stripes and that would work as a way to use two colors.

its pink on the bottom and yellow on top, but im making the yellow bigger so it can fold over
I’m still kind of confused about the intarsia method. I think it may be my cast on. I did two color long-tail cast on so the pink and yellow is tied together. Do I take that off and do a knited cast on or so as that’s what it more looks like in the video

If you want to split the colors like that it’s not intarsia afterall, I was going by how you did the cast on.

Just cast on all stitches with the pink yarn and knit it as far as you want, then drop the pink and knit the rest all in yellow. You don’t need to CO with both of them.

I agree with Sue. Do all pink, then switch to yellow. I’m not sure how you plan to make the yellow bigger, changing the number of stitches might mess up the pattern stitch you have going. One idea would be to use bigger needles. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be bigger to turn down and just slightly larger would probably work.

Thank you for the help!
I meant bigger as in more
It’ll still be 60 stitches in total, just I will have more yellow than pink.

maybe I’m not doing this right at all but I seem to have a small question about my long-tail cast on. Instead of doing a slip knot, I pull down the section of yarn between my thumb and index finger and then do the whole under the thumb and reach over towards the index finger. The problem I have is 2 loops appear on my needle. I know the 2nd loop is most likely the actual stitch I made, but I’m confused about the first one that appeared, does it count as a stitch or not, does it knit across correctly when I get to it, does it drop out if it doesn’t? Maybe I should just stick with a knitted cast on. It worked until I suddenly got extra stitches again.

and also can you explain again what do I do if I get extra stitches while knitting? I was enjoying myself then suddenly realized I messed up and had 3 extra stitches so I took it all off and started over

edit: one more question. Since I’m knitting it flat and then sewing the ends together, does that mean I don’t bind off; I just slide the needle right out?

The first loop or slipknot on the needle counts as the first st, so when you cast on with longtail then you should have 2 sts.

If you have extra sts you can k2tog. When switching from knit to purl make sure to move the yarn between the tips.

I thought this pattern was knit in the round, sorry. So when you’re knitting flat and want the colors split as you describe, then you would cast on the the way you did originally. And change the colors every row as I describe in post 2. To seam up, you can do a provisional CO, then pick up the sts and do a 3 needle bind off with the end sts. To do a provisional, cast on by backward loop with another yarn, then switch to your colors on the first row. At the end, leave the sts on the needle, pick out the other color yarn and put those sts on a needle which can be smaller. Then 3 needle bind off them together. There are videos for that and another provisional cast on here.

I seem to have a small question about my long-tail cast on. Instead of doing a slip knot, I pull down the section of yarn…
When you cast on that way you get two stitch loops instead of one. You knit them both.

(If I’m understanding correctly what you are trying to do…) :eyes: (which I may not) I believe from looking at this pattern that it is made from the bottom edge that goes around your shoulders/neck and works up to your chin. If that is how you are working it you would still just cast on your 60 in pink, make that as long as you want it and then start knitting with the yellow. The seam you would sew would be going up and down the length of your neck on the sides of the piece you knit. You might like to leave a stitch on each side in stockinette stitch on the right side of the piece to use for the seam. You could sew it together with mattress stitch. If you used a seam stitch on each side I think it would be quite invisible.

It worked until I suddenly got extra stitches again.

When are you getting the extra stitches? You put that in a paragraph about the cast on. Be very careful working your first row. If you had the right number cast on you should end up with the same number after the first (and all rows) row. But you knew that. When you change from a knit to a purl stitch you must be sure you have the yarn in the right position to continue and that you got the yarn in the right position in the right way. You always need the yarn to be in the back when you knit and in the front when you purl. So if you K5 you must then move the yarn to the front [B]between the needle tips[/B] so that you are ready to purl. Then purl 5. Now you need the yarn in the back to knit next, so take it to the back [B]between the needle tips[/B] so you can knit. If you don’t move the yarn between the needle tips to get ready to continue after each 5 stitches you will add stitches. You may also be adding stitches at the beginning of a row. There is a sticky post about “mysterious extra stitches” that may help you figure out what you are doing wrong. Find that thread at the top section on the first page of the “how-to questions” folder.

On the second row of the pattern you will want to move the yarn back and forth after each 2 stitches.

(If I’m understanding correctly what you are trying to do…) :eyes: (which I may not) I believe from looking at this pattern that it is made from the bottom edge that goes around your shoulders/neck and works up to your chin. If that is how you are working it you would still just cast on your 60 in pink, make that as long as you want it and then start knitting with the yellow.

The pattern is knit end to end then joined to make a cowl. I think what she wants is after it’s joined the pink would be on the lower edge of the circle all the way around, with the yellow above it. So it should be CO like she originally did, with part of the sts in pink and part in yellow, then each color knit separately, but like intarsia so they’re joined.

I looked for the pattern “Sherbrooke Cowl” on Ravelry and what it brought up was made in the round from collarbone to chin. Maybe there are two different patterns available for this, but that is what I was basing what I said on. It was made by casting on 60 stitches and working 18". It was overly long and bunched up around a neck. If the pattern I saw was knit flat it would be done as I said. But like I said, maybe we are looking at two different patterns. :shrug:

See I thought it was in the round too, but the one I brought upwas flat and seamed, made in a sort of rib pattern. Orrrr… maybe not, now that I’m not in a hurry. The lower picture makes it look kind of like it’s knit flat.

Okay, so I’m an idiot :oops: I didn’t look at the pattern or other pictures. Ignore what I wrote from post 8 onward, koager, and follow Merigold’s instructions. Obviously, she’s got the brain today and I don’t.

Maybe it is knitted in the round? The pattern I got didn’t specify.
I haven’t looked at how to do that though yet so I thought that knitting it flat and then sewing the ends together should work. Hopefully.

For my extra stitches I get really confused when they suddenly show up
so I’m transferring it from my left needle to the right needle. I count my right needle and the stitches all seem right, they look right and there’s the right amount, but when I look over on my left I see I have extra stitches left even though I’ve been remember to pull them off
How do I know which ones to k2tog? Or actually I think I see where the extra stitches are but then they mess up my end where I will have say 2 extras. What do I do with those 2?

edit: or maybe my pattern did say. This is the one I found
edit2: My stitch fell off and I don’t know how to fix it. It kind of got messed up :sad: