2 color knitting


I am new here. I am making a child’s vest. Pattern by Plymoth. The directions for the back say to cast on 26 sts with color A, cast on 26 st with color B. Knit every row, keeping colors even on each side. I’m not sure how to connect these 2 colors… Any help?? Thanks!

If you do a cable cast-on or knitted cast-on, you can do half with one color and half with the other. You will have some ends to weave in, though.

Or you could cast on with one color and then start with the two. This is easier, but will add a one-color edge row.

Check out Amy’s video on intarsia knitting if you’re not sure how to switch colors in a way to avoid holes. I hold the working yarn over to the left and bring the new color up from under it. If you do this every row, they’ll twist around each other.

thanks so much!