2-Color Chart shows only odd rows

OK … I have a feeling I’m going to feel stupid when I get the answer to this question, but I’m gonna ask it anyway!!

I am working on My Constant Companion. The pocket has a mosaic design worked in two colors in St st. The chart for the pocket shows only the odd-numbered rows and doesn’t give any directions on how to handle the purl side.

Do I just purl back following the same color pattern as the knit row???

I think mosaic is different than regular stranded knitting. It’s possible that you knit with one color one way and the other color the other way. Might want to search.

“Do I just purl back following the same color pattern as the knit row???”

basically, yes. each chart row should represent 2 knitted rows - so on your first row you follow your chart as usual (right to left), then on the 2nd row of knitting you follow the first chart row from left to right, purling the stitches this time instead of knitting them and slipping your previously sl st wyif. so it looks like this:

R 1: K, K, sl 1 wyib, K, K, sl 1 wyib, K, K
R 2: P, P, sl 1 wyif, P, P, sl 1 wyif, P, P

OK, then. I’m not feeling AT ALL stupid about my question now. :lol:

The instructions for the pattern say nothing about slipping stitches. All there is is a chart. When do I slip stitches?? It says nothing about that! :waah:

Off to Google “mosaic knitting” … <sigh>

Thanks, Ingrid and K4K!!! :heart:

well, now wait a minute, maybe i should be the red face about my answer! i assumed (oops, you know where THAT gets you!) it had slipped stitches since that’s how i’ve done it with similar patterns - it was always my understanding that mosaic knitting had roots in slipped stitched knitting (or vice versa). i took a gander at your pattern pic and it looked like it was (or could be) a slipped stitch one. perhaps we should go back to the beginning…just what are the directions on the pattern part, aside from the chart?

also, now i found some online info -

As defined by Barbara Walker (mosaic knitting guru), “[m]osaic patterns are slip-stitch designs in two color. Two different strands are used, one at a time. They are changed at the beginning of each right-side row. So a mosaic pattern is made by working one right-side row and one wrong-side row with Color A, then dropping Color A at the right-hand edge. picking up Color B, and working the next two rows with Color B – and so on…The two primary principles of mosaic patterns are: (1) every slip-stitch is slipped with yarn in back on all right-side rows, and with yarn in front on all wrong side rows (that is, with the yarn held always to the wrong side.; (2) every wrong-side row is just like the preceding right-side row, with the same stitch being worked, and the same stitch being slipped.”

knitty also has an article on it [color=red]HERE[/color].

K4K –

Thank you SO much for all the research! I had also gone out to find info, and I think you’re right on w/ the Mosaic part. I think that’s what she intended, but the pattern only refers to Mosaic in passing, and since it isn’t something I was familiar with, I kinda missed that. When I saw Mosaic, I simply thought of it in the artistic sense – you know, tile-like design??? Anyway, I hadn’t heard of Mosaic knitting with slipped stitches, but I think you’ve got it, and that description by Barbara Walker is right on!! Thank you soo much! That is exactly the answer I needed!!! :muah: