2 circ's or magic loop?

i really dont like dpn’s, but knitting with 2 circs seems like it would get pretty pricy…wouldnt you need TWO of every needle?

but it seems that its generally preferred over magic loop.

So what’s you preferred choice of small diameter circular knitting?

I ended up with two of all my needles except for two sizes; the 2nd ones I usually got with a coupon or on sale. It works well, although using two long one on a sleeve gets complicated. Instead of Magic Loop, I use a variation where I only pull out one side of the cable, and that works very well two. I don’t do socks or hats, so only need to do this with sleeves.


I’ve tried it both ways and actually prefer magic loop. When I tried to use two (with my Denises), I knit onto the wrong needle half the time anyway so I figured I might as well just use one. It’s definitely more economical, and there’s less stuff to lose (or in my case) accidentally step on. :thumbsup:

I love Magic Loop. I’ve been doing 2 socks at once on a 40" cable.

I have the Boye interchangeable set, and I have 2 tips of every size and lots of extra cables, but the cables are not long enough for ML and putting that connector on makes a stiff spot that is hard to get the stitches over.

I’ve had my Boye set for 15 years, or I’d totally be saving up for the Knitpicks Options set. (I may end up with those, anyway :oops: )

do you have a pattern for socks using the magic loop method?
im fairly new at socks (on my first pair)
and dont think i could just convert a pattern myself…
not quite that advanced yet!


I used this pattern: Knitpicks’ Toe-up Two at Once Socks and I adapted it.

The pattern is for 2 circs. There are pics on my flickr (link in sig) that show how it was on the needles.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

I’ma two-circ knitter…I make lots of hats so having a lot of 16" circs is more practical for me than having 40"+ ones. I bought most of my Addis from Jeff on eBay, so even in sets of two they were cheaper than you would pay for one at a store. :smiley:

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Yeah, I hate to say it, but I think I may be going that route too. Yesterday I picked up my Denises after only using KP classics (for socks) for a couple of weeks – man they feel so stiff and draggy. Part of it might be the yarn, but I just ordered Options needles in the same size so I’m really eager to compare them. I think that Options is definitely the way to go with either magic loop or two circulars. They’re pretty much made for it.

I already have size 5, 10.5 and a 40" cable from KP (plus 32" circs in 0, 1 and 3), so I know how great they are. Things are really tight financially, so it’ll probably be a while before I can do a whole set. Maybe after Christmas.

Trust me, I KNOW they are the best. :wink:

I thought about selling my Boyes, but I think I’ll save them for when I have multiple projects on the same size.

:?? I have no idea what this magic loop is. Can someone please please show me what it is??? Please.

It sounds like fun, I wonder if we have them here?

Is there a video I can watch to do the 2 circular thingy? That sounds like fun. I have a new circular waiting to be used!! :happydance:

:muah: Sharon

Amy has Magic Loop and 2 circ videos. Click “Advanced Techniques” above and scroll down.

browniscoat I would love to do two socks with magic loop do you think you could just help mr figure out how to get started ??? I love magic loop for all my small hats socks and mittens!!!

Well, I’m not brownishcoat, but here are some instructions for 2 at once on magic loop. (There was another one I found online that worked top-down, but it seemed more confusing somehow.) I actually didn’t really follow the pattern when I made my first socks, but reading through the instructions really helped me understand how to get started. It’s so easy once they are on the needles. I really like this method for casting on instead of figure 8.

I’m with Julie, I bought all of my addi’s 2 at a time for this purpose, most of them were from Jeff. Then I got my Options so I’m pretty much set for 2 circ knitting which I have come to love, I find that I enjoy it more than using my 12" and 16" circs on smaller diameter knitting like hats when one circ is all that I need!

I like the 2 circs method, too. I have 2 circs in several sizes (i’ve never used my denise or boye for 2 circ knitting), and at forst I kep knitting witht he wrong ends too. I just took a permenant marker and colored both tips on one needle, so I knew immediately if I was knitting with the wrong end, because one tip would be green and the other plain.

Julie–can you do 2 socks on 2 circs at once and knit from both ends of the same ball, or do you have to use 2 different balls?

I bought one set of Denise’s at regular price, and then found a lower priced used set. Because I knew I wanted to use 2 circs for lots of things. And I do (using them right now). I love the 2 circs method.

Though, to be fair, if I had a some longer cables, I wouldn’t have a problem using the Options needles for magic loop. But, with 2 sets already, I certainly can’t see myself getting an Options set.
(Though I do still want to get a set of the rainbow ones that Amy colored. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: )

I haven’t had a problem of knitting onto the wrong needle. :shrug:

Thanks I am so excited to try it!!

Hildie, I don’t do two at once…it would drive me batty. I think you can do it that way, though, from the inside and outside of the ball.

I’ve done it that way and I think it works better than using two separate balls. Lowers the likelihood of tangling. I read (I think in a Maggie Righetti book) that yarn has a nap like fabric, meaning there’s so a right and wrong end to knit from, but I honestly can’t tell the difference between the two socks.