2-At-A-Time Socks, Huh?

I bought the Melissa Morgan-Oakes book today and am attempting socks for the first time. I’m confused. Seriously confused. I can get both socks cast on, and I can get the join and the first side of stitches knit. Then I’m lost. What do I do with the second side? The in-step side? Is that the side of stitches that’s still on the cable? I’m so confused.

Are these knit using magic loop or two circulars?
Either way it is simply a case of sliding the stitches currently on the needle down onto the cable and sliding the stitches on the cable up on to the needle and then knitting them.

Have a look at the video on this website in 'advanced techniques for magic loop and two circular small diameter knitting. It shoes the movement quite well.

Hi! :waving:

I did EXACTLY the same thing you did - I saw that book and got really enthusiastic even though I’d never knitted a sock before! What the heck, just jump off that cliff!!! :thumbsup:

And I was nothing but confused! There’s a gradient to learning anything, and the path I was on was just too steep! :??

Then I back-tracked. I got hold of Ann Budd’s book, “Getting Started Knitting Socks” and picked up some double pointed needles and actually knit socks! She shows and discusses the anatomy of socks (what the heck did I know about gussets, anyway?) and then goes step by step through the entire procedure.

I have to admit that the first pair I made were pathetic! I use them to sleep in. They might not be pretty but they sure are warm!

Then I went on to knit others, relying heavily on Ann’s book, and I’m now having a wonderful time knitting socks.

Once I got the hang of it and understood the structure and how to knit one I started trying other methods to find out which I’d like best. I’ve done Magic Loop and two socks on two needles. NOW I’m ready for Melissa’s book since Magic Loop isn’t a mystery to me anymore and I’ve got an idea about using circs to do socks.

So give yourself a break, Sweetie! :hug:

Check out Silver’s Sock Tutorial and also Amy on this site has some cool videos, too! Ann Budd, though, is the starting-to-knit-socks guru in my book! :yay:

And enjoy your sock knitting adventures! They are so cool to do! I’ve given a couple pair as gifts so far and I think I’d have to shoot the folks who have them in order to get them back!

Good luck and happy knitting!


Thanks Ruthie, that’s awesome.

My first time knitting a pair of socks… I cried, and cried… especially since the pattern was from the “Knitting for Dummies” book, which didn’t help my ego… AND, that was when I was only knitting one sock!:rofl: I think sock knitting is like those pictures that you have to look at, tilt a certain way, and find the monkey in the tree… it takes a while to see the monkey, but once you do, then every time you look at the picture, you cannot NOT see the monkey… it seems silly not to have seen it when first looking at the picture. Before you know it, you’ll be doing socks by the dozens!:wink: :woohoo:

I bought that book since it seemed really neat, but since I haven’t knitted a sock yet, I agree with RuthieInMaryland, there has to be easier books. However, if you continue with that book, make sure you check the publisher’s website for corrections, there are many to the earlier versions of the book, and I had one of the first run…[http://www.storey.com/correct_book.php?isbn=9781580176910]. I retrned the book and think I’ll try the Ann Budd book or maybe Lucy Neatby’s sock DVD.
Good luck !

I bought the Melissa Morgan-Oakes book too. I have knitted three pairs of socks on DPN’S before I bought this book. I hate the second sock syndrome, so I thought ‘Hey this will be great’

I understand the magic loop thing,but I am really confused after looking through the book and I am just not getting it. My circular needles that I have , the cable seems to stiff ,so I order some from Knit Pick.

I even found a lady showing how to do two socks at once on YouTube.com

I am use to working my socks on DPN’S and I just can’t wrap my head around doing 2-socks at one time. I really want to learn this too. I LOVE making socks!