2/26 PAGE 4**UPDATED PICS**SHE'S WEARING THEM**Supercute Baby Uggs and Matching Hat

This set is so freaking cute I can’t even stand it! I’ve never made baby things before…but this makes me just wanna keep going and going.

Without further ado, this is the “Baby Uggs” and “Suede” baby hat from Knitty Gritty. (My uncle is expecting a female bundle of joy in August…well, his wife is. Oh yeah! And they live in Anchorage and babies so it won’t be too hot for a fluffy hat)


Sans flash, truer colors:

With soda can for “scale”

Once more without flash:

OMG! Those are so freaking cute!!! :inlove: They are going to flip when they see them! Tell them to get a photo so we can see the baby in them!

This is so adorable!!!

I love them to bits. Yummy:hug:

That’s so cute. Now I wanna make those booties for my DS

:cheering: Very cute!

Oh VERY cute.

I love the paper towel tube holding the hat up. :teehee::teehee:

Heheh, there’s an upside down measuring cup balanced on top to make it “head-shaped” :teehee:

Thanks everyone!

Oh my goodness! Those are ADORABLE! :heart::heart::heart:

I will have to make some of them.

What yarn did you use?

Berroco faux Suede, and the fluffy stuff is some random yarn at the LYS…Peter Pan or something like that? The pattern suggests Berroco “Plush” but LYS didn’t have it.

I just love that pattern- the baby will be just irresistible in those- and warm! I like your color choices too

:inlove: Adorable!!!

Oh my goodness! Sooo cute!!

That is just too adorable! :heart:

BEYOND Cute!!!1 What a great set!

That is too cute! They will love it!


i like how you made the hat striped! what a cute set!

Adorable! Can you share the pattern?

:poke:well you are contributing to my delinquency…:roflhard:
i bought suede and have some trim yarn!
were they difficult?:whoosh: