2*2 ribbing with a m1 rib 1 increase help

Hello so my pattern is rib 2*2. My next row has asked me to rib 20 stitches, then m1 rib 1 (5 times) how will this work in my pattern I. Going by k2 p2

Well Megan, generally how i do it, is after the 20 stitches ribbing the pattern i would work is m1, k, p p, k , m1., p p, etc. Basically the m1 stitch is moving every 5 stitches until you have the amount you need.

The whole pattern for this row though Is rib 20 stitches,( m1 rib 1 five times,) rib 12, m1 rib 12, (m1rib 1 five times,) rib 20.

So this will take my 74 stitches that I cast on to 85. But I’m a bit lost on how to carry on for the m1 stitch as It will be k k m1 p m1, so if end up with k k k p p p?

Often this kind of increase occurs when a pattern changes from ribbing to another stitch pattern, maybe stockinette. The make 1 is going to break up the 2x2 ribbing but that’s ok. The pattern is about to change anyway.
Keep to the ribbing as much as possible by looking at the columns of knit or purl sts on previous rows. Let the make 1 occur wherever required in the instructions.
What is your pattern name? Can you give us a link to it?

It’s a sirdar pattern, I have uploaded a picture of the instructions I’m going from rib 20.

if the picture isn’t there this is exactly what it reads.

Using 3 1/4mm needles cast on 74 sts, work in 2x2 rib for 4cm ending with a rs row.

Next row: rib 20, (m1 rib 1) five times, rib 12, m1, rib 12, (m1, rib 1) fine times, rib 20. 85 sts.
Change to 4mm needles and proceed as follows.

Next row knit
2nd and every all row - k1, (p1, k1b) 9 times, p12, (k1b, p1) 11 times, k1b p12, (k1b, p1) 9 times ,k1.

So after the increase row, the pattern is going to change. You won’t be maintaining the 2x2 rib. The increase row will start out in k2, p2 for 20sts ending with a p2, then m1, k1, m1, k1, m1, p1, m1, p1, m1, k1, k1, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2, ,.
You shouldn’t be concerned about messing up the 2x2 rib because it’s going to change in the following rows.
The pattern name or number is helpful because we can usually get to a photo.

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Thank you that makes sense now, the pattern doesn’t have a name it’s out the sirdar baby essentials book

Enjoy knitting it!

That sounds great…!