1x1 cable cast on in the round HELP

When using a Long Tail Cast On, the working yarn is always in the correct place to join the round and knit on BUT when using the cable Cast On which is not a long tail, when you are ready to join you have to turn the work over so that the working yarn is on the right and the cast on tail is on the left. But this means that you are now knitting in to the backs of those stitches turning your first cast on stitch (a knit) into a purl.
This isn’t covered in any of the videos I have watched, they all just say if you need knit 1 purl 1 then cast on knit, purl, but if you turn them round they present as purl, knit. am I supposed to just do that? Or cast on the opposite of what I need so that they present properly when turning the work over to join?

You don’t have to turn the work over after the cable cast on (or the knit cast on or several others). The working yarn is on the left and you can join by by casting on an extra stitch and knitting that together with the first stitch cast on or making the actual join on the next round. The yarn tail can be used to seal up the join.
It’s not different from starting any row in knitting where the working yarn is coming off the left hand needle to begin the row.

OK - but the pattern requires knit 1 purl 1, so my last cast on stitch will be a purl when it should be a knit.

Also, i think what you’re suggesting is knitting the first row flat?
I am trying to get my head around how the stitches would present when joining then! think I’ll just have to experiment.

If you need to begin with a knit stitch, you can cast on the extra stitch as knit or purl as you would like. You can even move your beginning of round marker over one stitch so the round begins with whichever stitch you prefer, knit or purl.
Yes, the alternative is to knit the first row then join in the round on row 2.
What are you making and if there’s a pattern what is the name?

If I added a stitch I’d have too many stitches for the pattern.
It’s the Drops Care for Nature hat in a twisted knit rib. I have already made one using the Long Tail Alternating cast on but I think the Cable 1x1 would look much nicer.
So if I did the work first row flat method I would I would cast on last stitch as a purl as pattern says.
Then I would work all row to the first stich cast on which is a knit then join and then knit on?
I had wanted to avoid a jog as hats and cowls are so small I think a gappy join will be really visible.

Adding a stitch is so that you can join in the round with a k2tog or ssk. That brings your stitch count back to the original pattern number.
You can also add the extra stitch to the cast on then slip it to the right hand needle, begin knitting the round and then decrease when you get back to the beginning of round.

If you knit a row the gap is sealed up using the yarn tail. This makes an essentially invisible join. Another way to join is to switch the last and the first stitch on the needle although you would have to begin the cast on with 2 knits and end with 2 purls in order to keep the ribbed pattern.

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You are sort of right in that you cast long tail onto the needle in your right hand and cable into the needle on your left hand so you do have to turn it over. Unless you do alternate cable cast on, all the stitches are the same. Some people twist the stitch in cable cast on before mounting it so that the correct leg is in front.
A proposed better way to cast on cable is to add three extra stitches as the first two and the last are oddities. This video explains it well. You can use the last extra stitch to close the gap as @salmonmac explained.

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This is a fab video which shows cable cast on (2 more than you want for your stitch count), first row flat in rib pattern, how to join and how to weave in at the end so there is no jog. It works very well.


Hi all - thanks for your replies and tips. I think I have worked it out now. Basically for a cowl it really doesn’t matter what order the ribbing is and for a hat following a pattern I can move the beginning of row marker.
In the end I added an extra sacrificial stitch for joining and worked the first row flat which looks really good.
Now I need help with alternating cable bind Off!!! anyone? I’ll also start a new topic.