1st time Scarf Maker

OK so I am making a scarf and I want it to have horizontal stripes…

How many cast on’s should I do. I have found that the 240 casts ons in the pattern that I am doing seems like the scarf wont be long enough. If I do add more cast ons to make the scarf longer…what will happen to the cast ons that I have on my needle…???.. they will come off cause the needle is only so long…is it ok if it does?..will it be ruined if i dont keep em on the needle?..do I add another needle at the end ?


I am sure I will have a lot of questions as I go through my project…so please stay tuned…thankx :blush:

I is definitely problem if they fall off of the needle. You will need a longer one. If you want to lengthen the scarf you can add cast ons. Assuming it is a plain stockinette or garter scarf with no pattern repeats, do a test swatch with the same yarn and needle size to find out how many stitches per inch you are working and then multiply that number by how many inches long you want it to be. That will be how many to cast on.

Have you considered making it with short stripes instead? Much easier to work side to side than length wise.

the scarf that i am making is only 2 colours and I want the stripes to be alternating but no real pattern…thin line here…thick line there…

oh and another thing…I keep on reading that a garter scarf is the best way…is that a kinda of stitch…and how do I do the beloved stitch?..

I should have paid more attention to my Grandma/and Home Ec. when I was younger…so that I wouldn’t be 26 years old and I can’t even make a scarf…LOL :rollseyes:

Garter stitch is knitting each row. Very easy. It is perfect for scarves because it lays flat and is reversible (bumpy on both sides). Stockinette, for instance is not really a reversible stitch because you have a flat front and a bumpy back, and it curls at the ends and sides.

Don’t feel bad about learning at age 26. I didn’t start knitting until 6 months ago and I am about to turn 34 :doh:

So this garter stitch that we speak of…its just the basic kind of stitch?..just making sure that I do it in a row?..

well that shouldn’t be to hard to figure out! I guess I will have to see…I am soo excited… :sunny:

Why wouldn’t you use circular needles which could accommodate all of those stitches and just use them as straights (knitting back and forth)?


Well I am in china …teaching english…and never really knew how to knit…and all these tools and terms to help the knitting process…I wonder if they even have such a thing here…as circular needles??..

another question though…the access string that i had for my cast ons…do I just cut it or some how knit it into the scarf?

When you finish the scarf, you can cut the cast on tail and weave in the ends. Not sure if there are circular needles available in China, but sounds as if they would make your project a little less awkward.

Since you are relatively new to knitting, be sure to check out Amy’s videos by clicking on the tabs above and you will gain lots of knowledge on needles and terms involved in knitting that will help you…plus, there are lots of people on this forum who are usually readily available to answer questions…where are you Ingrid…Kelly? :roflhard:


Foothills, you’re doing fine!

One thing that I wonder about is that you cast on 240 stitches for the scarf. This seems like a lot for straight needles. Did you cast on to knit it the long way? If you need to use straights, you should be able to knit it on the short side with fewer stitches. The stripes will run the short way, but unless you can get a hold of circular needles, which are two needles connected with a cable, I don’t think it’ll work too well. If your stitches fall off the needle, you’re doomed.

Since you’re so new, watch the videos, and knit a few small pieces, as April suggested. You’ll get a better feel of knitting before you attempt a scarf.

Yeah I have already casted on 260 and they seem to be staying on fine…I will have to wait till tomrrow to run out and look for the needles in which you speak of. If I can not find them…and I keep on going will the possibilty if it turning out be good?


Seriously, she is our resident genious :thumbsup: but we will all help if we can :wink:


As long as the stitches fit, you’ll be fine! If you get the circulars, make sure the size is the same as the needles you’re using–the mm size. The length won’t be critical for this project–the longer the better–but a change in the needle size will make a change in your stitch size–not something you want to do in the middle of a project.

If you get them, just knit the stitches from your straights to the circs, and use the two ends of the circs as if they were two separate needle points. You’ll see what I mean when they’re in your hands if this sounds confusing.

Driver, I started to say that my circular needles are made in China…but I see that you are in Mongolia, mine are made in HongKong! And …YAY for you for such a noble job :D! Have fun knitting…we sure do :wink:

Yeah I am actually in China…the province I live in is called Inner Mongolia…you would be surprised though on how many things you find back home that are made here in China…and you can’t find here…its just one of those things that make you go HMMMMmmmmm…

Thankx for the positve reinforcements on the knitting job…I am sure if I just follow your advice and what I have planned my scarf will turn out great…I hope so or the other teachers here will be mighty cold and have no christmas presents…

Yeppers the mission tomorrow is try to find circ needles… :smiley:

:smiley: You will work it out! Actually, I’m sure that you will work out several scarf patterns. Scarves are fun to make. I started knitting last June and made many scarves & hats for Christmas gifts of which were a great success. I recently discovered that I had a problem, I had only made one scarf & hat for me…lol (this is the scarf that I’ve just finished for me with the hat to match; am finishing the fingerless gloves & socks to go with :wink: )! So I am now going thru the process of knitting for me…and it’s fun, fun, fun! So, take my advice and remember YOU as you go about your knitting :wink:

I didn’t see this before, you silly! :wink:

Yes Ingrig… as I go through and read all your helpful tips I would have to agree…^^^^^^

Ok so heres the scoop …there are no circ needles in this booney town of China…so…I am going to have to just make do with what I got…

being a beginner I made a few mistakes…and lol :lol: I had to undo all the 250 cast ons and about 50 stitiches before I realized that I had put them on to tight and that my poor little fingers just couldn’t take it…so i undid it and am starting over…learning as I go…but am excited for the day to end to see what I have accomplished…

ok i have to get cracken on it…only…70 more dayz till X-Mas…

ok so heres the scarf issue…its going great…my fingers are still a lil sore from when I casted on the tight cast ons but the knitting is now going fine and dandy…i have a few mistakes but it gives it character…LOL…thankx again…and I will keep ya posted on the progress…its almost time for a new colour…how exciting!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

btw…ALL new knitters knit tightly. You’ll relax as you go on…you’ll see!

That’s exactly right, for some reason we are very tense when beginning…lol, I remember my shoulders were up around my ears as i tensed up to knit! You will find yourself relaxing as u fall into the groove and become more sure of yourself…have fun :wink: