1st project of the year... slight size problem

here it is…

Can you felt it a little ?

:teehee: Reminds me of the first hat I made for my son -it was just a weee bit large! LOL, but hey he’s grown into it! Then again maybe we got used to it :lol:

Anyway, it sure is a nice looking hat! I agree, if you can, try felting it a bit. I had to pass a hat down from DS to DD because we accidentally felted it a little, and its perfect for her now.

Good luck-if it can’t be felted you could either frog it or donate it-I’m sure there is someone to fit it out there!

Ah well…sizing happens.

In other news “U-C-L-A SUCKS!” Sorry it’s a permanently conditioned filial response to your hat. :teehee:

looks good nonetheless!! plus, that’s a great picture.


Hey, you did a good job on the knitting part and it is a handsome hat!

It’s a great hat, but you need to find someone with a bigger head to give it to. :teehee:

Do you know the Hulk, by chance??? :teehee:

I think it’s great, like a christmas gag hat!!! Maybe you could give it to a REALLY little kid…

It is a very nice hat. I agree with losnana, try felting it. The 1st hat I made for my very petite niece was bigger than that :teehee:

Nadja xxx

That is so funny! the first had I made for my hubby (because he was begging :pray: ) for me to make a hat from the first day I cast on :roflhard: was SOOOOO small it made a cute little beanie that only covered the bald spot! :cheering: