1st circular knitting project -- ugly join

Hi everyone. I’m a couple of rounds into my first circular knitting project, and I’m not very happy with the way the “join” looks on the first round. I knitted into the first cast on stitch, and it looked fine at first. Then I noticed that stitch was actually starting to pull apart. I haven’t gotten very far, so I may frog back and try again. :frog:

Any tips on how to make that join look better?

OK, I also have to confess that I jumped the gun on the tank top knit-a-long. I’ve already started my tank. :smiley:

…really just wanted some emotional support. To frog or not to frog, that is the question.

I can think of only two ways to possibly improve the join (after frogging :frog:). Make sure that you knit the joining st very tightly. Since it’s the joining st, I think it naturally has the tendency to stretch. Second, are you sure that your circs aren’t too long? If you circs are too long for the amount of sts that you have, then the stitches will be overstretched.

Hope that helps… :??

In addition to pulling the first couple of stitches tight, here’s something I learned from another forum that I found works great with both circs and dpns.

I make the cast-on tail longer than normal and knit the first 5 or 6 stitches holding the tail and the working yarn together. Then I drop the cast-on tail and continue like normal with just the working yarn. On the second round, however, you must remember to knit those double stitches as one stitch.

Hope this helps.


Here’s another hint:
When you are done casting on and ready to join, instead of knitting into the first cast on stitch, put it over on the right-hand needle and make the beginning of the round the second cast-on stitch. Works really well!

In addition to all above, I’ve noticed that things continue to tighten up as you continue your rounds…

Thanks everyone. I definitely decided to frog and start again. :rollseyes: Live and learn, right? Thanks for all the great tips. I will definitely try some, if not all, of those. You guys are great!

I usually use the leftover tail on the end to sew it up if the first join is a little funky. Usually every round is fine except for that stupid first one. :lol: