1898 Hat


In a store my son found a yarn that he really likes and he asked me if I could make a hat for him with that yarn. As I like to try new things I am considering to make something based upon the 1898 hat pattern (https://cas.seamenschurch.org/sites/default/files/sci-1898-hat-kristine-byrnes-web-w-schematic.pdf), as it seems to be very popular among knitters, but there are a few things bothering me and I wish to hear your opinion.

First: When working stockinette in the rounds, there are only 84 stitches all around and it is worked with 4.5mm or 5mm needles. Will the wind not blow easily through this part?

Second: The garter ribbon all around the hat is double folded. Will this not be ridiculously warm comparing to single layered stockinette part?

What are your opinions about the 1898 hat?


I have knit this hat and I’m told it’s very comfortable and warm. Certainly the Seamen’s Institute is a good recommendation. If it didn’t work under the arduous conditions at sea, I don’t think they would post it.

I found it to be mostly the double layer garter portion and not so much the single layer crown so very warm and wind resistant on that count.


The double folded part around the bottom can sort of be thought of like an ear warmer band, keep those ears extra toasty which will make the rest of your head feel warmer as well. I only make the double bottomed hats for when it drops towards freezing around my part of the world or we do get too warm though. It really depends on the person and if they get warm easily. (My husband sweats in the snow. These hats are not for him.) For the looser stitches I had a similar question myself with a lace hat last year. Surely lace in a hat would just allow more drafts, right? But the material traps the heat from your head and bounces it back at you, and the little holes (or in my case lace) actually create little heated air bubbles and it all works out! That is actually my favorite hat now when it starts getting really cold. I say try that sucker out and if it doesn’t work out it can always be donated via Freecycle or something lol. (Not that I have done that. A lot. Or also gifted things to folks I didn’t really want to make something for.)


I have knitted this hat 3 times for myself and family members and plan to knit it again. It keeps you toasty warm without being too warm. The band is not too bulky; at least not for me. Definitely recommend it.