12/9 Good Morning, and how are all our snow bunnies?

hope you made it thru safely.
there were a few icy patches on our roads but nothing major.
no knitting for me last night, BUT I wrapped all the presents I’d bought so far, finished my christmas cards, and finished the family calendars I make each year. I was up til about 1, but hey, it felt good!

my kids really enjoyed watching the snow fall last night, and School’s canceled today, so I’m keeping everyone in their pajamas and snuggling with them as long as they’ll let me. DH wasn’t happy that he had to dig his car out of the snow this morning to go to work. a plow came through and made it worse while he was out there. am I bad for laughing? :roflhard: Last night, I added 2 inches of knitting on a baby blanket I’m making for my 8 month old niece’s Christmas present, and I started a buttonhole bag for me.

Good morning Tigger :smiley:

I’m in Illinois, the commute going back home was a nightmare. Normally it takes me 10 minutes to get from the train station to my house, last night took over an hour :doh:

To top it all off, a Southwest flight skidded off the runway onto the streets and hit a car! They shut down Midway airport last night, oh what a mess.

Kitty: ooh, how horrible! I saw the report on the Southwest flight…scary stuff! Glad you made it home safely!

Tigger: it’s cold here, even without snow! (Well, cold for N. Alabama, anyway…)

And wow, did you ever get a lot of stuff done last night! You’re all set to get in some knitting now, huh?! :cheering:

Ugh…my DH even left early and it was already a mess on the roads. You’d think people here had never seen snow before! We got about 6 inches between 3-7pm…it was snowing pretty hard. We got all bundled up and took our dogs out for a walk before it got dark. They are so funny in the snow! I can really tell that is where my little husky was meant to be.

Here’s mine so far, more to come, they say. The man who plows us out has a broken truck, so I’m not sure what we’re going to do, yet. Way to long to shovel, for sure.

Gorgeous…and you may be stuck there for awhile! Knitting and hot tea?? :inlove:

GM :slight_smile:

We had quite a few people at the play last night with the amount of accidents, closing down on of the 2 major highways (HWY 30 for anyone in the area) and amount of snow on the ground…

I’m not sure how full we were supposed to be but we had like the main floor 1/2 full and hte balcony probalby had 30 - 40 people… which isn’t many, but more than we expected…

Commute this am was okay, Major HWY (30 again) backed up again… every day this week… and someone on our Elevated interstate hit a snow drift and flew over the edge (the drift acted like a ramp) so that caused issues this am… but other than that it’s been a marvey day :slight_smile:

Our temps are rising so I expect lots of slush the rest of the week and no more snow on the ground by next week.

I will be so happy when my kids are done with the steroids for croup. It makes them act so crazy!

Not much knitting over here. I need to get to my LYS and talk to someone about my gauge issues and get a pattern for the boys sweaters. Haven’t started my Christmas cards, I want to put a pic of the boys in it but don’t want to take it when they are sick. I am so behind doing anything for Christmas, I can’t believe it will be so soon! ACK!!!

welcome jax! hey, she’s so young she won’t notice if it’s not done on time. :rofling:
I’d have a chair drawn up to the window looking out while I was cozy inside knitting. Honestly, it looks like a postcard!
kitty, i heard about that and the 6 year old being killed in that accident. i’m glad you made it home safely even if it were delayed.
angelia, hopefully I can knit sat and sun. I’m swinging by to pick my pregnant daugther up after we get home from work this afternoon, and she’s going to spend the evening with me, while both our husbands are working. doubt I get to knit, but i might can fit it in. hehehe
kemp, I bet your dog is enjoying this weather!!
now don’t get out there yelling ‘mush’ to him.
norman, hopefully attendance will pick back up if this will die down.
how long is the play running for?

we run through this weekend for the public… tonight and tomorrow seem to be pretty close to be sold out…

then we have corporate shows coporations bought the theater next weekend

wow, that’s incredible. what is your part?

It’s snowing in New England!

Here’s a picture out the front door of my dorm. I love how quiet it is outside when it’s snowing.

:roflhard: Umm nonononono… Never ever ever go onstage…

I am running fly lines and Assistant Stage Manager for this one :slight_smile:

Lisa, gorgeous view and you are right, the snow just muffles sound and it’s so nice.
norman, okay, I thought you were up there spouting shakephere!

good morning :smiley:

get kid to school
buy stamps and pick up mailing boxes
stop by Streetwerke
felt mom’s clogs
meet coworkers for lunch at 1100
work on blanket
pick up kid and take him to TKD
cook dinner
finish Nana’s other clog and work on blanket

phew… busy day planned out… :slight_smile:

Todays schedual is to bundle up in lots of blankets, put craft stuff in new bins, and get back to knitting.

I went and bought some new supplies yesterday, some double pointed needles, a cable needle, and some bamboo needles to take with me on the plane. I tried knitting with them a little, and I gotta say, I actually don’t like them that much. the feel of them is totally different from my metal ones, so I think they’re going to be strictly travel needles.

I taught myself how to cable, using the videos, of course, so I’ve got a few plans in mind for more projects.

My feet have been freezing lately. I should learn how to make socks now.

Apparently someone hit a telephone pole early this morning at 3 am, so we lost power…and heat…for 6 hours. Luckily I have the warmest bed in the house, so while everyone was complaining how cold they were, I was able to fall sleep again all snuggly. Made it harder to get out of bed though.
Basically I gotta start cleaning for Christmas, since I’m leaving next week for three weeks.

good news, y’all. After several days of single digit highs and subzero lows today it is SUNNY and in the mid 20’s …and it feels BALMY! woo hoo! For now, enjoy the chance to snuggle up and knit, knit, knit!
:XX: :XX: :XX: