12/6 Good Morning!

It is 25 here and lots of frozen spots on the road in.
the bad news, our power went off last evening about 7:30 and we had the gas fire going anyway, so at first it was fine. I finally went to bed about 9 and during the night the power came on and off at least 7 or 8 times. usually on for about 5 min and then off again for about 1 hour or more. i missed my electric blanket!! however, we were warm from the fire and the fleece blankets we used. Then this morn the power pops on and off again and finally stayed on long enough for me to shower and dry my hair. when I left for work, there were numerouse power crews in our neighborhood, as well as on down the road at the transformers.
as a result, I knitted about 10 rows on the sweater and had put it down to read a little thankfully, so it was all put away when everything went black.
how’s your day going??

25…BAH! we should be so lucky! hmph

Right now we’ve warmed up. It’s only -12°C right now outside {10°F}. That’s a far cry from the -20° weather we’ve had for the last week or so {about -5°F}.

wishes she was knitting her Skacel sweater to keep warm with rather than socks for Christmas presents

Well we are currenlty at 5 (-9 windchill) with light snow :slight_smile:

Anyway… it’s been an interesting morning… snowed overnight… bout an inch… so AGAIN this am there was a backup on the highway… (which never happens around here) so people were being idiots… then I walk in and hear there was a car on fire in the parking lot at work here…

Man what a wonderfull morning…

On the plus side, it’s so cold mice are retreating into the house, so it gives the kitties good practice … they got two yeterday (That we know about).

And I got some knitting done on my scarf, it’s in the “What’ca knitting area”

And on me blog (As in the profile)… All in all it’s been an odd start to a day

wow, I’m having a heatwave compared to you guys!!

We had a beee yooo tee fullllll sunrise this morning. I think humans have a some kind of genetic reaction to the colors of sunrises. We just have to go OOOooooOOOooo when we see it.

sunrises are awesome and i love sunsets too.
the sunrises are so inspiring as they offer the hope of a new day.
and sunsets are so soothing.

Balmy 60 degrees here in sunny southern california! Yay!

Speaking of which…

Taken during our storm season from the WalMart Parking lot…

Gots to have your camera when the oppertunity presents itself :slight_smile:

oh, that is gorgeous!

I know you don’t live too far off from me, Tigger, so even though I’ve not stepped foot outside today, I have a feeling we’ve got the same chilly weather. IT NEEDS TO SNOW if it’s going to be this cold! :smiley:

I managed to make the snowman grid yesterday, and knitted up the panel for my mother’s scarf this morning. It turned out really great and I’m thinking I should do more of these patterns and such. I’ve got several in mind already to work on as soon as the Christmas Knitting rush is over.
I have to add little coal eyes, mouth, and buttons to my snowman, but as soon as that’s done, I’ll be taking a picture. I’m going to do one more snowman panel for the scarf for the other end, and make little snowflakes on the other blue panels(the scarf consists of chained panels of Blue, White, and Gray). I’m really hoping my mother will like it.

I’m also thinking of trying to knit with strips of cloth tied together instead of yarn for my best friend’s Christmas Present. It’s an idea. I’ve been reading up on how many of the people on this forum are spinners. My grandmother has an antique beautiful spinning wheel that I used to play with as a child(Sleeping Beauty. Go figure :lol: ), so maybe I’ll have some neat textiles to mix together and try to learn to spin on it when I go to visit.

Lots of ideas going, so, Carpal Tunnel willing, I’ll be working nonstop again today. :smiley:

58 right now in Sunnyvale, CA. supposed to rain tomorrow. last time I checked the outside temp last night, it was 38.5. ice on the windshield today and yesterday.
as far as the mood and work go, today’s alright so far. this morning was nuts but unproductive - a bad combination! but things have calmed down and right now I’m going to step outside for a bit to get fresh air. I’m placing orders like mad before our cutoff date. I also have to return a bunch of stuff in 7 different boxes because I have 7 different RMAs.
almost done with one of Nana’s clogs. I love these happy colors - WOTA Blue Bonnet and Violet. and she’s got teeny feet - women’s size 4.
leftovers for dinner. yay. easy.
gotta go through the stash to see if I can create a bag for a Christmas gift. I have tons of Cascade 220 and WOTA to piece together. I think I have a skein or two of unused Kureyon as well.

NesanelRose, that scarf sounds beautiful. please do post pics. would love to see.
you’d be surprised how many alabamians are on this site!!
I must have missed your intro message, so let me say WELCOME TO THE FORUM. :cheering: :cheering: :XX: :XX:
Jodi, what tiny feet she has!!!
for the clogs, do you use the soles that are premade, or is the entire thing felted?

I don’t use the premade soles, out of laziness. I’ll suggest to my mom and brother that they squirt puffy paint on the soles if they find these to be too slippery. the reason I don’t want to apply the paint myself is if these don’t fit them when I ship these to them, they might need to be felted more and I dont’ knwo how the paint will hold up to more felting.