12/5 Good Morning!

It is so nasty here. It’s rained continously yesterday and all night and now thru today.
Yesterday was my daughter’s baby shower (and thankfully the rain stayed away during that time and afterwards when I helped her take things back to their home and then the minute I drove into the garage, the rain came back in a diluge). Anyway, she got tons of the nicest things and Baylee will be the best dressed baby in town!
Brandi’s husband and her best friend had reserved an historic farmhouse for the location of the shower and paid for it right after Brandi had found out she was pregnant, so the hostesses of the shower didn’t have to worry about a location. It was held in an 1854 farmhouse that was filled with antiques. it was a MARVELOUS setting!
among some of the furniture in the house were a chest and trays that were handcarved by a member of the family that originally owed it. The house had been decorated for christmas by the historical society and it was gorgeous.
lots of needlework on the walls and cushions in chairs and on the bed. there was a spinning wheel on the sunporch.
I did get to knit before going to the shower, so I got the left shoulder done on the sweater. I’ll pick back up the right shoulder today at lunch. I’m NOT venturing out in this!!
FM, I’m so glad to see you started the ‘good morn’ over the weekend!!
How is everyone today?? :XX: :XX: :XX:

Have two papers to write and I don’t wanna, wwwwwaaaaaa.

I set my alarm clockk wrong and woke up supre late this morn. I was almost late. :shock: I’m never late. I’m one of those get there early types. It was very distrubing. But I’m OK now. I’ve had my dose of Knitty, I’ve done some work on my papers, I had a snadwhich and a friend gave me chocolate. (from this place http://www.almachocolate.com/ check it out!).

I am soooooo sick o f knitting sokcs with sock yarn for some reason. I think its the wool. Its Dancing from KP and I think it looks good but I hate knititng with it. I like my sock landscape better. Dancing has like a littel thread of nylon running through it for stretchyness or something. Sock landscape doesn’t. But I have to use the Dnace stuff cuz its for Mike Rowe who travels a lot and doesn’t have time to wash nice wool socks. I think I’ll work on my Angel Hair scarf instead. I’m also Jonesin to start on my clogs. I never made em before. But I gotta finish Mike Rowes socks first. And I wanna make baby stuff for my friend who is 3-4 mos pregnant. I got plenty of time but I just want to make baby stuff!!! I love making baby stuff. And I want to figure out what to do with all this micro spun. Maybe I can make some hats of it. Oh then of course there is my Goodwill find that needs unraveling so I make flip top mittens for my son. He keeps buggin me for a pair ever since he saw me looking at them when I was surfing one day. (dam you KellyK and your big clear photos!!!) So I gotta get on that. He’s been on my nerves a lot lately and then yesterday I went to clean out the litter box and he grabs my arm and says “Hey that’s my job!” and I say OK so I go to vacuum adn he runs in and says “Hey that’s my job” and I say OK so I go to wash the dishes and same thing. SO I went to my room. He actually did all these chores in about an hour and without compalining. I thought I was going to faint! Turns out he just wanted themoney. See we give him a dollar a chore. and usually he grumbles and graons about it and does a hlaf assed job or not at all. But I guess he needed some money so he decided to be responsible. Whatever. The house is clean and I got some rest. And I have chocolate so all is well. I wish my good fortune and complacency on everyone. (need a wand waving emoticon)

YOu probably don’t want to hear about how I only had to teach 4 of my 6 classes and that I only have four days until winter break.


*finally got what this type of thread is about. :happydance: *

I know how Tigger feels, as I’m also experiencing the Alabama rain. It’s so increadibly dreary, and growing up in New England, I just wish that it’d turn to snow. I can handle the dreary gray skies in snow because then it shifts to an unrivaled beauty that one who’s been several years without can appreciate. It’s funny how two years back, I cursed the snow because I had to drive in it no matter if the whole state was shut down. Even if I couldn’t drive in it, AAA would send the Tow Trucks to bring me to work, so I went through many days shaking my fist at the falling sky. Now, even though it’s December, it still doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I woke up REEEEEEEALLY late, as I was up to 4 am last night just knitting away, working on a chain scarf for my mother. Thinking of trying my hand at color changing and putting in a fluffy snowman on one of the chainlinks. She loves snowmen, so I know she’ll love it.
About to go nuts though. Is it possible to knit TOO much? I’ve done nothing else for the past two weeks but knit, so I think my creative juices are getting a little frustrated to have their turn.

Also dealing with some issues reguarding an ex-boyfriend of my mother’s who unfortunately has fallen into a coma and is pretty much braindead. He wasn’t much of a nice guy towards me and my family, though he had his times…few and far between. Still stuck on how I should be feeling about it, and that also might be adding to the stresses of trying to get Christmas presents done on time, and overall life.
Best philosphy is to just keep doing what you do, life is going to test your limits, and you just gotta study to get an A.

Today I’d like to actually sketch a little bit, take a break from knitting before it drives me insane(and my wrists to handicap XD), then begin again, work on that snowman design, then possibly do some research on some Chemo Caps for my grandmother that don’t look like winter hats…



So I’m sitting here knitting me scarf (I’ll take a pic later tonight) and found that my first and second ever color changes were CRAP… so my third I tried amys (via the video) and it seems to be working a little better… however I’m rubbish at weaving… but I should be able to do it… :slight_smile:

Anywho… just wanted to like … ramble… :slight_smile: it was cold here today… -9 real and -25 Windchill…

Yeah… I hate midwest winters sometimes… :shock: