12/3 good morning

I didn’t see tigger post this so I thought I would. And I’m at work so it just seems right.

I work in the computer labs at my University campus. I sit at a desk and help people when they need it (fix ppaper jams from the printer, put in more paper, help instructors with hte projector, etc) Its good in that I get paid to do my homework and knit but some people can be real jerks and demanding. For as little as they pay me its OK. And my bosses are the best. All men but they’re all really cool. I’ve never worked at job where I’ve said that :rollseyes:

So today I came in (8am) and unlocked the doors and got all the computers started and then I got a call that the other lab in the other building was still locked and a class was waiting to get in. Oh dear, the other lab attendant didn’t show up. This happend before with this guy. He’s a really good guy and he’s young and all but he means well and has a good heart. But I know they want to fire him and he doesn’t need to give them a reason. The boses will find out but I didn’t make any calls or anything to anyone. He came finally about an hour late :shock: but he felt real bad, his alrm didn’t go off, he rushed right over blah blah blah. I believe in second chances. No matter how many second chances with stuff like this. But I think he may get fired. :crying: I feel bad. I wish there was something I could do for him (besdies giving him a wakeup call :rollseyes: ) SOme other folks who work here are total slackers and I wouldn’t feel so inclined at giving many chances. Is that bad? I don’t know. I’m just justifying I guess. Anyway, I really should be doing my homework (its finals week :doh: ) but its Saturday and its still early and I’m tried and grouchy and my kid has been driving me crazy and I need a little KH holiday before I get serious. only 7 1/2 more hours to go.

hang in there, Femmy :thumbsup: ! you get to go home and settle in all cozy and knit. just a few more hours.
if I was in Portland I’d grab you some coffee and come hang out with ya and we can sknit at your work.
as for not getting your coworker in trouble, it’s ok, you did good, I’m sure he appreciates it :smiley: .
and your son - I hear you there. oh boy do I hear ya and feel ya there. I can completely relate. mine’s spending the rest of the weekend as well as all next weekend doing make-up work for 3 subjects. !@#$%^&*.
good luck with finals. the one good thing about finals week is you know you get a break, albeit a short one, but it’s still a break, for a bit afterwards.

I have a 1 yr old birthday party to go to in an hour and I’m so cranky I’m thinking I better not go.

crankiness ans toddlers do not mix. i just wraped up Carrigan’s 3yo birthday party…but iw as in a good mood this morning…but she got cranky while wating on her cake. by the tim she got it was not pretty! :rollseyes:

aw Carmell :(! make hubby watch the rugrats, go sit down in a quiet cozy spot with a cup of tea, and knit!

Femmy, I hope your day turned out good.

the party we went to was good. good food, which always makes me happy :D, you know how I love food and got the bod to show for it, and TONS of cute small kids. I mean tons. like, there were probably as many 1- and sub-1 year olds there as there were adults.

got to meet our good friend John’s GF, finally. J’s known John since 1989 and they’re practically brothers. John and his GF have been together over a year. they’re expecting in April, but until today we hadn’t met her.

trippy story about her: Dyl and I went to Marie Callenders the day before Thxgvg to pick up 2 pies that I preordered/prepaid. when we got there the line was really long and despite 3 different duct tape colors on the ground directing traffic for pie sales and pickup, it was so cattywompus. there was this woman in the doorway looking all lost, and I didn’t wanna cut in front of her, so I asked her if she was there to pickup a preordered one, and she said yes. an employee heard me say “preordered” and sent another employee to help me. since this woman was in line before me I asked the employee to help her first. the woman thanked me and told me how she came all the way up from San Jose to Sunnyvale and doesn’t know the area and had to find the restaurant and is picking up the pies for her boss.
today when I was intro’d to her, I said she looked familiar, and I asked her if she picked up pies from Marie Callenders.
yep, it was her!
I mean, like 1.5 million plus people here in the south bay area and John’s GF turned out to be the woman I talked to that day. I still can’t believe it!!!

Sometimes those small world things can be eerie! I was once in Manhattan with my cousin and we gave an aquaintance of her’s a ride back to the Bronx. He asked where I lived, so I told him the county, just for reference. He asked where, so I narrowed it down to the town. He asked the road, so I told him just for laughs. Then he asked if I knew so-and-so. I did, in fact I met her because we shared a room in the maternity ward and became friends afterward. There have been many similar events like this, but I won’t go on and on. It’s odd, though. theme from The Twilight Zone

Jodi~ yeah right. i got yelled at for her attitude because i’m the on shes with all day. she doesn’t act like that with me. only when he is around… i could have hit him so hard! :devil:

My husband and I grew up in very close proximity to each other, but never met until we were in our late 20s. We lived only 4 miles away from each other. Sometimes I wonder how many times we bumped into each other in a grocery store or gas station before we actually noticed each other. Could he have been that person who cut me off that one time, or the guy who noticed that I dropped something and gave it back to me?

Or maybe he was my best friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s babysitter. :rollseyes:

Lol–small world experiences are great–most of the time , anyway!! :wink:

I can remember “meeting” my husband on several separate occasions when we were little, and then a little older!! Our paths crossed a lot…then when we got in Junior High…we really MET–and we never dated anyone else after that!!

Here’s to 40 years this June 30th!! :cheering:

Wow! Ellem that is very unusual but amazing. Happy anniversay :cheering: