12/15 Good morning!

got 26 rows on my booga bag now!!
how is everyone? it’s so nasty rainy here, but supposed to clear soon.
rained all night.

Good morning, yay booga.

We’ve got sleet here…blah :frowning:

Its only 7:30am and I’m already stressed out :shock:

About the weather…or just life in general? :slight_smile:

Hugs to FM :slight_smile:

Goodmorning! Its snowy-ish here (dusting) but warm inside with my cup of coffee so it allright. I have Isaac busy on his daddies computer playing on Noggin and Sophia is sitting in her playtoy making it light up. Although she is not going to last long she is allready getting mad at me. Both kids have ear infections, Sophia has it in both ears and Isaac has it in one. So this promises to be a long day oh well I can hold a baby and knit :thumbsup:

Tig I cannot wait to see your booga bag!!!

SANDRA, your baby is adorable!!

Awesome pic, Sandra!

Sandra, cute pic!! :cheering: :cheering:

Big hug to {{{{FM}}}}} Hope things start going your way!

Woke up today to the first clear sky in a week or so. Been so foggy here lately, was nice to see the sun before holing up in my skyscraper for the day.

Have a wonderfulday All!!


already a busy day. I’m gathering the on UNIX admins’ call/OT requirements for our holiday closure period and placing more supply orders. I have Nana’s teeny tiny clogs drying behind me. my director is taking us to lunch, but I’m not sure if I want to go because my stomach has been acting up since last night. tonight is laundry night. carbonara for dinner - depending on my stomach situation I’ll make that for the guys but brew up some chicken soup for me. thaw frozen loaves for the salame (salami) bread for tomorrow night. help Dyl pack his stuff. right now I can’t stop yawning.
tig - great job on the booga!
kemp - careful on that sleet!
Lori - here’s to a better rest of the day!
mintdee - gorgeous baby!
wes - hi to a fellow bay area knitter!

Thanks all for the compliment she is awful cute then again I am a bit partial.

Jodstr I need to catch up on my laundry :shock: (Its bad) So you will not be alone in your laundry doing. Someone kick me and make me start cleaning please :rollseyes:

Good day to you all~

Well its 1:00 now and I’ve gotten a lot of errands done so I feel better (Although did I just hear the washing machine buzz that it is done?) It is SSSOOOOOOOo cold outside (and super windy) which is unusual for Portland. It was 27 degrees this morning!!! :shock: It’s usually in the 40’s to 50’s aroound this time. But at least the sun is out. And I got some 10 1/2 dbl pt needles for the flip top mittens I’m gonna make for my boy ON SALE. I wasn’t really looking but there they were in the store, calling to me. :lol: So now all I have left is a meeting and pick up the boy from school and this day is done! Now if I can just get through the rest of the week…

brrr, he’s going to need those mittens!