12/1 Good Morning

Wow, only 24 days til Christmas!!
I KNITTED LAST NIGHT!!! got a good 10 rows in. wahoo.
I received an order from Herschners and got the NICEST YARN.
I’d bought it while on sale for 1.97 a ball. it’s purple and I can’t wait to make something of it. no idea what, but something. Maybe a vest or sweater.

I got a good… 12 - 13 rows in… 5 rows away from the color change… which I’m afraid of laughs ButI’ll get through it…

Snowed a good 2 - 4 inches last night… so all schools are delayed 2 hours this morning, so I’m trying to get those last 5 done and the color changed :slight_smile:

color change, no prob. you’ll zoom right thru.
SNOW??? wowowow.
we get occasional snow.
alabama has NEVER had a white christmas tho.

Tigger, I’m down in NW Florida (or as the rest of Florida refers to it Lower East Alabama LOL!) We had a light dusting of snow on Christmas Eve 1993. My dd was just a baby. It melted before midnight, but we were so hopeful. Of course if it snowed I might just have to turn my heater on.

michelle, did ya’ll get any of those storms that came thru on monday? we needed the rain, but good grief, it was torrential for my entire 40 min commute, which made it over an hour on the road!! the driving conditions were very poor.
we would love to see some snow, but NO ICE.

I’d love to see some snow too, Tigger! We don’t get the white Christmases, it’s true, but I do remember leaving a candlelight mass one Christmas eve night and being amazed that it had snowed about an inch during the service. It melted early Christmas morning, but it almost counts! :smiley: Of course that was, oh, 20 years ago or so. Obviously it’s a rarity, sadly.

Those storms Monday were awful! The rain was so heavy I couldn’t see more than 50 feet from my window. I’m so sorry that you had to commute in that!

And no–NO ICE. I can remember having an ice Christmas. Not the same!! :shock:

angelia, yes, NO ICE> good grief, do you recall the ice storm we had a number of years back?? it was gorgeous, but so deadly.
My hands were clenched so tightly on the wheel driving home on MOnday. I had to conciously flex them and my shoulders. It was horrible.

That ice storm was TERRIBLE! It was lovely, but gee whiz. Individual blades of grass were coated with so much ice that they looked like great big fingers. We were without power for two days; thankfully, we had a fireplace!

I hate driving in torrential rain. It’s exhausting! And what’s with the idiots who speed past you and end up spraying your windshield with so much water that you nearly drive off the road because you can’t see?! Some people are determined to exceed the speed limit regardless of the weather. Idiots!

oh my gosh, they are so careless! every day I thank God I make it home in one piece. my biggest pet peeve (in normal driving conditions) is the way people cut you off while changing lanes. There are so many people that pass and cut over almost before their bumpers clear, leaving you to have to brake!! it’s very rude I think, not to mention dangerous.
Second peeve is the way people will ride that left lane doing less than the speed limit and then cut over 4 lanes to the right so they can exit!!!

It’s a miracle that more accidents don’t happen. My first peeve is failure to use turn signals. Huntsvillians are notorious for this. It drives the dh particularly crazy…And yes, they are the same people who veer across four lanes to turn!

My second peeve: people who shoot down a lane that they know is going to close, then expect to be let in ahead of all of the people who’ve gotten in the proper lane and are prepared to wait. I don’t let them in. EVER. And I make sure there’s no way they can sneak in, no matter how far they try to inch over. And it’s really easy to tell the difference between those who know the lane is closed and those who are genuinely surprised it’s going to do so. I let the clueless ones in, but not the sneaky ones. Grrr. Makes me so mad! :mad:

oh yes, we have those kind too that want to zoom ahead and EXPECT to be let over when their lane ends. :rollseyes:
well, it’s cloudy out. was raining a little at lunch, so I just grabbed a burger and came back in. I was headed to hobby lobby to find a gift for a friend. oh well. there’s always tomorrow!