11/29 good morning

well, November is about to be over!! wow, this year has flown.
dh put the tree up yesterday and we got the beads and a bow topper on it last night and tonight we’ll hang the ornies.
I KNITTED!!! whooppeeeeeee. yep, a whole couple or three rows!
I’m back to the left shoulder of the front, so hopefully I’ll finish the front this weekend and get onto the back.
I also looked at all my yarn I got from Knitpicks.
I can’t recall who asked me the color of hyacinth wota, and I think I said royal blue. but it isn’t. it’s a deep purple! (hence the name, lol).
under good lighting I could easily see the diff between blues and purples.
ugh, threw out the last of the t-day leftovers last night. :doh:
how was your evening??

GM Tigger :slight_smile:

Yeah we are thinking of doing the tree this weekend maybe…

:slight_smile: The play is going good, had a night off last night so I got like 4 rows done on my scarf but it was also a tv-catchup night… so I got distracted a bit

I gotta neat little story I have to run off and put in my blog… :slight_smile:

I finished my brother’s mittens and embroidered a skull on the back of each. He’ll love them and I totally should have taken pics before wrapping it but I am the queen of lazy :rollseyes:

My mom leaves to go back to Alaska today and I am really going to miss her. She’s so great to be around and the kids love her so much but I guess she can’t stay here forever.

MIL is sort of on my nerves. She recently asked me what dh would like for Christmas so I forwarded his Amazon wishlist which is pretty much all music. But he is such an audiofile and he really does need to pick out his own clothes at this point (he is very picky about his clothes and MIL lives three states away). So this morning I get this in my inbox: “Speaking of hints… could use some help with Matt. Yeah, yeah, I know
all about the electronic list - how about other things??? Anything you
have thought he needs?”

I want to know what is wrong with getting him something he ACTUALLY WANTS for once? She does this every year, asks for a Christmas list then doesn’t get one thing on it for any of us. I mean, if she wants to just get whatever she feels like buying that is really okay, gifts are not demands, but if you ask someone to make a list and then refuse to ever get them what is on it that is just plain irritating. What a waste of our time. And why get us stuff we don’t want? Does she really want us to return her gifts or does she like totally wasting money since we probably won’t use or like them? It just really doesn’t make sense to me. I always get dh things from his list because I know we can’t normally get him those fun things and I know he will really appreciate and use the gift. I would think that is the point. Anyway, rant over.

I’ve dropped VERY UNSUBTLE hints about getting me interchangeables but I know MIL won’t get them (don’t really understand why, it isn’t a money issue) and I don’t think anyone else wants to spring for that much money. But I remain hopeful! :lol:

I don’t think we will have a tree this year. I really don’t like artificial trees (besides, we live in a small apt and don’t have room to store a tree) and we can’t afford a real one. Maybe when it gets close to Christmas there will be a poor little Charlie Brown Christmas tree that needs a home. :slight_smile: I’m hopeful about a lot of stuff this Christmas, I kind of have to be since we don’t have much to make things happen I just have to hope they will.

Oh, off to get Tain dressed for school. Have a great day!

my mother does the same thing…asks me what i want and then gets whatever. happily they have always been things that i can actually use or do actually want. the only exception to that was the year she got me a piece to a christmas village i was trying to avoid buying. yes i loved it but if i didn’t buy one then i would’t need the WHOLE village right? well heck…now i have one and my mission immediately became getting the whole set. the problem with this? the entire set had been retired the year before. :wall: as luck would have it i got the last piece of the main set the day before christmas! :wink: still working on the accessories but i have most of them.

i generally create a list of things i want but feel silly buying for myself. because i don’t have kids or a mortgage and all those ACTUAL grown up things to deal with, when i want something i usually get it. HOWEVER i am actually cheap in a lot of ways so buying a quesadilla maker would be just silly…i can make quesadillas in a pan ya know. so it was on my list for quite some time. last year my brother gave it to me for christmas! :happydance: heh

This year all i want are my Denise needles…because yes, i need a THIRD set of interchangeables :rollseyes: i know those are going to be under the tree though so i am happy as a clam.

and sleepy too.

BJ, are the denise needles that nice?? I have the boyle, but since you have THREE denises, what is it that makes you love them so?
yummy, I could always ask for more needles!!
arugula, your mom lives in alaska?? too cool!! your brother’s mittens sound nice, especially the skulls. my son went thru that spell for awhile also. loved stuff like that. re MIL and christmas list, don’t know why she’d ask and then not give what was listed, that sounds like a waste of time to me. hang in there tho, maybe things will change. Or you could ask her for a list of things she’d like and then do the opposite. hehehe, yes, I’m evil.
norman, great on knitting! i’ve been enjoying some great christmas shows and hope for more! great to knit by!!!

actually i have two of the Boye’s and while i LOVE the colors and the feel of the metal, i have gotten VERY spoiled by the joins on the Addis. i asked for the Denise needles because i think the joins are going to be more like the addis than the Boye’s are. soooooooo i asked for them. if i really do love them like i think i will, it is very likely i will sell the Boye’s and get a second set of Denises and be done with it. we’ll see.

Yeah I’ve noticed the joins on the Boyes set are alittle odd coming from Denise… But since I STILLLL can’t find my denise set… I’m dealing with it… eventually I’ll probably have as many as you… they are easier to carry along and VERY versitile

Yeah I’ve noticed the joins on the Boyes set are alittle odd coming from Denise… But since I STILLLL can’t find my denise set… I’m dealing with it… eventually I’ll probably have as many as you… they are easier to carry along and VERY versitile

i got my Boyes on ebay for $35 shipped. you can always wait for a 50% coupon and get them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joanns!

at least ya’ll get asked… people just give what they think i might like…i hate that cause now i have to pretend to be excited over something i’m never going wear or use. :rollseyes: like last Christmas sucked. i was preggers and everybody got me maternity clothes! i’m like this is my 4th child and NOW everyone wants to get me maturnity clothes! WTH!!! the one time i’m not working or going anywhere while pregnant! now i have maturnity clothes and no normal clothes… sooooo poed! if you’re going to do that just either give me money or a gift certifcate!!!

I got mine off Ebay for 35 as well!!! Man was that a deal… no shipping charges and it was still sealed… like new… Even with sales and coupons you can’t get them from the store at that price… online they sell for 99 with a discount… to make them around 60… and alot of times coupons are on “originally priced items”. Like the Joann coupon… I thought I could get 'em cheap cause they were 49… and a 50% off coupon… but the coupon was off the “original” price… so it didn’t really help much.

:slight_smile: But you gotta be carefull on ebay don’t buy 'em if they have lots of shipping cause it’s not worth it… I was looking at something yesterday that had a 20$ shipping thorugh USPS … I mean come on… so … just be aware. :slight_smile:

good point Norman!
don’t you hate to see dummies on there just biddin like there is no tomorrow and the shipping cost more than the thing they are bidding on if they just went to the store and bought it!!! if i can find the same thing with cheaper shippin i usually go with the cheaper shipping. i think a lot of people try to get more money out of the product by hiking the shippin up cause when you get it shipping is sometimes cheaper than what you paid for!

Well it’s all just knowledge of how the system works…

I’m a seller on there… I know the percentage they take out… and I can see how people would recoupe by hiking shipping… but… the point is… it pays to shop around just a bit :slight_smile:

true true!

the $20 shipping sounds like it is a situation of breaking what i though ebay seller rules were though. i didn’t think that you could hike shipping like that. i was looking for a wireless headset for my cell phone recently and i saw some that had starting bids of $5 but the shipping was around $35! rather than deal with finding one that wasn’t trying to mess (yeah that was edited there) with the buyer like that i just went straight through motorolla.

besides…nobody had the girly-girl, bubble gum pink headset i wanted anyway! :wink: :thumbsup: