11/15 Good Morning

No knitting for me last night. I had the grandkids and then after they left, got to open my package from Yarn Market. I got that splish splash Crystal Palace yarn to embellish flip flops. Thought my girls would love it, so it’s a future project.
I hope my KnitPicks order comes today!!

Ooh, splish splash fun! I hope your KnitPicks order comes today, too. I’m also hoping mine will. It shipped on the 4th and still isn’t here :frowning:

(Where in AL do you live, Tigger?)

angelia, bummer! mine was sent on the 10th. I bet I don’t get for a while then. :crying:

How cute are YOU with your little “Good Mornings”, Tigg?!? :mrgreen:

(Have you thought about starting your own thread in the blog forum?)

Well, I don’t know about that. Some folks have orderd from KP since I have and have already received their goodies.

I think it’s me! :crying:

Actually, I think it’s b/c I got free shipping. To offer such a deal, I think companies use the cheapest shipping method possible. Amazon does it, I know. E.g., With Amazon, a regular shipping order typically takes 3 days; with free shipping, 2 weeks. This has happened to me a number of times, so I know it wasn’t a one off. Grr!

But you did get prizes yesterday, so that should keep you happy while waiting!

wow yours is taken a minute!! prolly cause it was a holiday this past weekend!

Yeah, but I’m coming to terms with it…slowly :slight_smile: In fact, I’m putting in another order today: Simple Stripes for some snuggly festive socks!

Kelly, you must have missed my thread to you regarding your doggies… do you have a maltesse?
looks like one in your pics but wasn’t sure.

angelia, I got the free ship too and it said it was shipped using Best Way. I’ve never heard of them before. Is that a company like UPS FEDX or maybe just a term they use.

I have no clue what they are! I’ve never heard of them either, and I’ve never seen a “Best Way” truck roaming about town.

I thought someone said in another thread that their KP shipments come UPS. Weird.

You might be right that “Best Way” is just a term they use…


best way just means cheapest and/or fastest.

i always order at least $30 worth if possible and then use the expedited shipping. arrives in about 3 days and only cost me $7 as opposed to the $15-ish it would have cost if i didn’t have the $30…and it isn’t like i can’t find a use for $30 worth of yarn :wink:

(as opposed to buying dogfood because i have a coupon even though i don’t have a dog!)

BUT it’s capitalized!! so it makes you think that’s a company. Best Way.
really weird.
will be curious to see how it gets here.
Hey, just saw you live in AL also. where bouts?

Ah ha! Thanks! It all makes sense now. Why don’t they just say “your order will be shipped the best way” instead of saying “your order will be shipped Best Way”? Those subtle changes make a big difference!

HA! My thinking exactly for my next order :wink: So far my cart has $21 in it…I’m so close!

But, alas, I’m eating into my yarn budget for next month. The dh will soon lose patience…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yep! You?

I asked earlier where you lived, but you didn’t answer. I thought you didn’t want to say :wink:

:blush: oops, sorry. sometimes I miss stuff I’m trying to read so fast!!
I live in Odenville (well Margaret to be exact, but few people know that city exists, plus my mail is delivered by odenville so hence an odenville address).
I love to go to Decatur and Huntsville.
Decatur’s Cross Stitch Peddler and Huntsville’s Patches and Stitches are two of my fav stores.
we’ll have to get together one day and have a shopping trip in all the yarn shops!!

It’s easy to miss stuff in these messages!

I’ve never been to Cross Stitch Peddler or Patches and Stitches, though I know quilters who have!

And yes, an LYS tour is in order :cheering:

If we’re feeling brave, and want to tackle the horrible traffic through the eternal construction zone on S. Parkway, we can head out to The Knitting Zone in Lacey’s Spring!

have you been to Yarn Expressions 8415 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville?
I found them on a search for local stores.
I’m a big time cross stitcher and go to CSP and P&S for my cross stitch fixes since our local birmingham store closed. We have NO vendors here any more. Really sad.

I visit the YE website often, but I haven’t been to the actual store. Honestly, I don’t trust myself to go in there! If we go shopping together, we’ll have to make a “be good” pact :wink:

That is really sad about your cross-stitch store! None at all?! :frowning:

nope, none at all. it is really sad! we really only had one good one and it closed a few years ago and left me having to order online or go to decatur and huntsville.
we have some yarn shops around here, but I haven’t been to any of them yet. I’m like you, I don’t trust myself. LOL.

Good morning to you too :waving: We had the most glorious sunrise this morning on the west coast. Just right for knitting :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: