100% bamboo stretch and ease

Good day all,

I have some 100% bamboo 4-ply yarn, with which I would like to knit a pencil skirt. Do I need to put a zip into the skirt, or will I be able to knit it in the round and just slip it on?

Some points to consider:
[li]I have crocheted with 100% bamboo before. It was tightly spun and the finished fabric had zero stretch. The yarn I am using now is loosely spun, and the post-blocking tension samples stretch to roughly 150% of their relaxed width.
[/li][li]The skirt will be two colours, with some stranding. Will this affect the stretchability?

While I have been knitting for a few years, I have never used this specific yarn for this specific type of garment, so the assistance of those in the know is greatly appreciated.

Bamboo doesn’t really have much stretch. If you want something truly fitted I’d go for the zipper.


Thank you for your response.

I definitely want my skirt to look sleek and fitted, so I’ll take your advice.