1 stitch in different colour - how? - help!

dear fellow-knitters,

I’m a bit at a loss (again :-))

I’d like to ask for your help concerning the following: how do I knit 1 single stitch in a different colour? I don’t even know how to start or end this new strand of colour.

For info, I’m still struggling with the incredible skirt from twinkle’s big city knits, which is getting less incredible by the day :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much for your input!


The least troublesome way might be to do the single stitches in duplicate stitch when the skirt is finished.

Agreed about the duplicate stitch. Less stressful and still effective, that’s how I’d do it :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

For one or just a few stitches in a different color, you’ll probably want to make a duplicate stitch (also, evidently, known as Swiss darning). Here’s a link with pictures.

thank you all ever so much, I learned something new again which is great!!
I will try it out!!

knitting is great fun!!