1 sleeve a bit longer than the other

I’m working on my first garment, it’s a shrug that’s worked cuff to cuff. I realized my gauge was a bit tight starting out, and tried to copy that coming back down the other sleeve, but I still have the ending sleeve at what looks to be .5 to .75 of an inch longer than the other sleeve. (I’ve not seamed them yet, this is just laying flat the work and matching the ‘begin sleeve’ markers together.

The sleeves end in 3 inches of ribbing, and I’m trying to decide what to do. Leave it as is? (I’m semi-perfectionist, but not anal) Rip out 2-3 rows of ribbing on the one sleeve? (which would of course leave those uneven). Something else? (Frogging half the sleeve and knitting tighter is not an appealing option at all).

Should I seam it and see how it looks after that? (It’s intended as a gift, and will be too small for me, so I’d have to enlist a model, probably at work, to see it actually hang on someone).

I have 3 inches of ribbing to do around the body once the sleeves are together, so if I’m going to make changes, it probably needs to be before I do that.

Rip out the longer sleeve to the stockinette part and go back a couple rows. That will look better than if the ribbing doesn’t match.


Thanks-- hadn’t thought of that one, my other ‘solution’ was to sew less of the longer sleeve together at the armpit – making the back take up the extra – there’d be a few rows there at 2 stiches thinner than the rest. (88 vs 90)