1 single crochet, 2 single crochet?

Edit: I worked it out, I’ll post a photo later of what I’ve done so far though.
Teaching myself following a YouTube video and I’m kinda stuck lol, the person making the project does assume you can crochet but it’s been relatively straightforward up to this point. I’m not sure how to work this next section, though! I think she’s asking you to do (1 sc, 2 sc) in each of the next 5 stitches. I’ve left a link to the video (I hope that’s ok?), and it’s around the 11.07 mark. I’m actually enjoying it a lot so far.
I’m making these for my mum, it won’t matter if they don’t turn out perfect - it’s the thought that counts and I want to try surprising her as I never wanted to take crochet up. I called it the Dark Side of yarn crafts!

Excellent! I was ready to call on the experienced crocheters. Looking forward to seeing these.

Thanks, salmonmac! I actually pulled out what I got done last night as I realised I’d made too many rookie mistakes and it wasn’t going to end up as it should, but I don’t feel put off trying again.

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One sole finished! Had to rip back a few times but got there in the end. I’m using Stylecraft Special Aran yarns in aspen, fondant and lavender with some other Aran (Robin?) for the black/white parts.


Very professional!

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Thanks very much! It’s a little wonky but my tension was about right so it’s still big enough to fit. I’m really pleased with it!

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My suggestion is to place two markers in the piece: one at the beginning of the round near the heel and the second at the mid point of the toe. It makes the counting much easier.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve finished both soles now but I’ll keep it in mind as I might make some others (I have a yarn I’ve saved literally for years for “special”, thinking this might be the project to use it on. It’s a dark colour so markers will probably be a must!)

Welcome to the Dark side! We have it easy.
Just one loop to keep on the hook. :grinning:


Hi Shintoga; You are doing a wonderful job. I made a pair of slippers for one of my sons by using gel insoles that I cut to his shoe size. I made two soles (like the one you have shown us) following the shape of the insole, and sandwiched the insole between them. I joined them all around with a simple single crochet working through both layers. Yes, I made a second one. LOL. I had no pattern so once both of the soles were done, I went around in a half double crochet in the back loops only to get the stitches to form a vertical wall. I am not sure if he still has them. I wish I could have found a pattern at the time. I am sure that you Mom will love these once they are finished.

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Thank you, Snowfleas! I’m almost done with the first one - I’m enjoying it but it’s a very on and off again project for me. It’s going really quick when I do work on them!

When I made mine, I worked on them both at the same time. I would do a round on one and then the same on the other. I have heard so many people complain about having socks or slippers turn out to be different sizes. That was my way to avoid the problem.

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