1 of 2 greenway gloves done!

I got this pattern from Auburnchick, and modded it to be longer because I love the gloves that Cameron the robot wears in the Sarah Connor Chronicles that go way up her arm. I used Malabrigo worsted in Sapphire Magenta. The yarn works up very nicely with some self striping and the colors are way more rich and bold than the pic, think of them more saturated and rich!

I am on the 2nd one now
Thanks Auburnchick for the pattern!

Oh my!!! That yarn is just gorgeous!!! Wow! Beautiful!!! :inlove:

I’m so glad that you were inspired by my gloves. :hug:

Those are so cute! I like them long too! Very cool :mrgreen:

:happydance: they look great!!

They look so great!! I love them!!!

They look wonderful!!!

These are now done! The wonderful Malabrigo didn’t dissapoint and continued in it’s self striping at this gauge for the 2nd mitt, and they match nearly identically! I so recommend using malabrigo for this pattern (and everything else:roflhard: )


I’m so glad you liked the pattern!


You ought to get a commission from Malabrigo for promoting use of their yarn. :slight_smile:

Nice work Mulder! Very nice! :muah:

Oh boy, the colors are to die for :passedout: Great job :cheering: