1" extra, front of sweater or back?

I remember that if you make one panel of the sweater an extra 1" longer, it improves fit…but I don’t remember if that applies to the back or the front. Can someone please remind me?


The back! :thumbsup: Just remember to put the extra length in the body, not the armhole section.

Can someone clarify why you put that extra inch in the back? How does it help the fit of the sweater? (I’m trying to learn everything I can about knitting sweaters, because, let’s just say it’s not going so smoothly…)

It adds extra length to the back of the sweater so it won’t ride up in the back and droop at the front, the way some machine knit sweaters to. In the round, you put an inch’s worth of short rows in the back half of the sweater, unless they would interfere with any color patterns you’re knitting.

Heh… that wouldn’t work for my sweaters, they’d end up 2" longer in the back because my front takes up at least an inch… probably more.

Oh that’s a very good point! I think I’d need extra in the front more than in the back!

I just make mine the same length…

I always do short rows in the back of my sweaters, since they’re all knit in the round, if the design can accomodate it. Say it’s a color pattern, it can’t have short rows, neither can a cable pattern, and some knit/purl patterns even can’t. That’s the situation on my current project, it’s a knit/purl design that has very frequent and patterned repeats, so I couldn’t do short rows.