1,2,3 pattern

I wanted to share a pattern, simple, easy and can actually be knitted in an evening. The pattern was originally done for babies in Africa that were being sent home wrapped in newspapers. I have placed one in each of the gifts thay i make for people to remind me and others how lucky we are in this country, i want to share the link with you and hope that you will share with others and if you have some leftover yarn maybe think about knitting one snd send it to one the organization to keep a baby warm. Thanks for listening to me . There are so many links that i ask you to google “fish and chip baby pattern” thanks again and happy knitting.


Thanks, trisha!

Your welcome i know there are many people out there who knit for charity. I just want to say that even though these were originally knitted for babies in Africa that doesn’t mean that we cann’t do them for our less fortunate here in the states. They are also great for preemies.