1/1 ribbing - hood


I am trying to knit a hood. My pattern uses half fisherman’s rib (see photo below) for 58 rows. I understand most of the stitches to the exception of the last bit which says 1/1 ribbing: alternately p1, k1

Then, I am also wondering if I should start and finish my half fisherman’s rib with k1 and finish with also k1. I am asking this because the first rows I had to do, that’s what the pattern asked to do (see photo below)

Finally here is a photo of the final result showed in my pattern

Thank you for your support!

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There’s a point where the rib pattern stitch (actually half brioche) changes to k1p1 rib. It looks like it’s going to be in the round and if that’s true the pattern is worked on an even number of sts alternating k1p1. If it’s worked back and forth, yes, beginning and ending with a knit stitch will give you a nice edge either for seaming or not.