$1.00 fun fur yarn

I was just at my local Big Lots yesterday and noticed they have the fun fur yarn ( the furry one ) on sale for $1.00. It is not a big brand name but I thought I would post it anyway. I don’t know if all Big Lots have this sale but the one here is Texas does.

I don’t think there is a Big Lots store in my area. I have noticed several craft shops (on and offline) that have been having eyelash and fun fur yarns for $1. No idea why. :shrug:

The Dollar Tree by my house had Lion Brand Fun Fur on sale for $1.


Around Christmas time I was at the dollar store and i was really exicted to see Lionbrand yarn there, but are the had was “Fancy” Fur. It was sooo ugly (think fun fur with rainbow colored globs in it). So i left the store confused and wondering why I had no yarn in my bag :?

I had no idea stores like Dollar tree even carry yarn. We have a Dollar Tree and Big Lots here so I will definatley be checking them out more often but do they ever carry anything other than the furry stuff? I have tried but for some reason that type of yarn is very hard for me to do anything with.I could really build my 20 gallon stash back up ! right now I can see the bottom of my tub :shrug:

For those who like fun fur
I found Lion Brand fun fur and fancy fur at the Dollar Tree. The only time I used it was in the yoke of a sweatshirt. Wasn’t too bad. Thought I would use it in a chemo cap this time.

The big lots near me had glitter yarn and Patons be mine for $1 ! I got all of the Be mine I could find which was only 3 skeins. I hoping for a little more but for $1 I can’t complain!

About May or so, a lot of the Big Lots had one color of Lion Magic Stripes, some Moonlight Mohair as well as some RH and Premier yarn, which they had in bulky and some chenille like. As well as the furry fuzzy stuff.

The Dollar Tree store by us has eyelash yarn but I can’t remember the brand. I looked at the brand when I saw it but forgot. I need to go get some!

Fun fur and other novelty-type yarns seem to have had their day,
so the manufacturers are discontinuing them and unloading the leftovers onto the discount stores.
Look at most large manufacturers’ websites and you’ll see very few of them. They’re being replaced by natural fibers and blends. If you like these yarns, buy them now, because when these leftovers are gone, there won’t be any more. (Until the next time they become fashionable.)

I don’t use them much. IN fact, I have only made one set of scarves. If I find them for a buck, though, I would add to my stash because I might want them later.

I use them for embellishments for felting projects sometimes. I did use one for an edging and an afghan and I have to say I dont know the brand it was but it left pieces all over the floor, it was actually shedding rather badly.

Do they do okay for felting? I don’t imagine that they actually felt but do they hold together and look good after the felting process?

I used some as an accent on a little girl’s felted bag once, and it worked fine.

The eyelash doesnt felt but the wool felts tightly around it and looks great around basket edges and purses etc. Shandeh yours looks great, bet the little girl loved it.

Yes she did!

Adorable! I assume she’s related – she’s got your face!

Nope! Not related! She was one of my piano students. :teehee:
But, we do look a bit alike, don’t we?