Zips in sweaters

I was wondering if its possible to put zips into any pattern?I would like to try and add a zip into a plain stocking stitch pattern jumper for a toddler.

I don’t see why not. If it’s a cardigan with front bands, leave out the bands and make sure that the fronts are wide enough to meet at the zipper without pulling. The same would go for a pullover. Perhaps add a couple of sts at the front when you adapt the pattern to an open front style.

I haven’t tried this method yet but I will the next time a zipper is needed.

Thank you first time working with zips so the advice will come in handy I’m going to zip away! Something different for me and it will change the patterns I’ve got into something new

In the past, I’ve given it 3 tries to get the zipper in place, even after basting it in with thread. I don’t want the zipper too exposed and I don’t want the zipper to ripple the sweater front. Let us know how it goes for you, please.