Zipper Question

So I’ve finally finished the hooded alpaca sweater from “Knitting with Balls”, only I made mine with Cascade Superwash…now I need to put the zipper in. I’ve read everything I can find about installing zippers, but I am wondering if I should be looking for a particular type of zipper (aluminum, plastic, nylon, brass). I need the get a zipper that’s about 29.5" long, and I want something sturdy that will stand up to active use.

Is there anything I should take into consideration regarding the weight of the zipper vs. weight of the yarn? Nylon/plastic zippers don’t seem to be very sturdy to me, but I’m afraid brass might be too heavy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


The only thing I know about zippers is that the sound they make scare away sheep which is why Scots wear kilts.

Mason, ROFLOL :roflhard:

Sue, I can’t help much, but Artlady recently finished a gorgeous Central park hoodie with a zipper, maybe she could help? She did a beautiful job inserting the zipper. Good luck!

HERE IS A LINK that makes custom zippers very inexpensively!

I installed a separating plastic zipper in my daughter’s Central Park Hoodie. I hand stitched it into place using 2 strands of DMC floss in an identical color. I took teensy running stitches right next to the bind off row. It is very sturdy and durable with taking the hand stitches instead of trying to sew the zipper on a machine. I have done this for sweaters and jackets for some of my grandchildren! The true test of durability!

HERE IS A LINK if you want to see my Central Park Hoodie here in Whatcha Knitting at KH.

Also, I posted info and photos in my Ravelry projects folder.
Click HERE to see it and my notes in Ravelry.

Let me know if I can be of any further help.

Wow, Artlady, what a beautiful sweater! I can only hope someday to be able to do work like that!

So, do you think the plastic zipper is sturdy enough? I only ask because my 24 year-old son for whom I knit this sweater tends to be a little rough on things (not necessarily abusive, but I intentionally didn’t want to make anything too fussy for him; he wouldn’t wear it if he had to hand wash it, which is why I made it out of the Superwash), especially where the sweater was specifically made for him to ride his bike in.

That’s why I was considering a brass zipper, but then worried it would be too heavy and pull down on the front of the sweater… I’d love to hear what you think…thank you!

Hi Sue!

Have you looked at the separating zippers at the fabric store? They come in different “weights”. Some for sweaters, some for parkas.

I think a lightweight brass zipper would be very nice. I don’t think it would weigh down the sweater. Just check out your fabric store and see what you can get, and what colors are available.

I used a plastic zipper with chunky, sturdy teeth. (Not like the nylon zippers we put into skirts. They are obviously too feminine for a man’s sweater jacket.) I couldn’t get the exact leafy green of my CPH, but the dark pine green worked out fine! I didn’t have to custom order a zipper…but I woulda if I couldn’t find a suitable zipper at JoAnn’s.

Let me know what you find out! :thumbsup:

Thanks so much, Artlady, I’ll look for a lightweight brass zipper and let you know!