Zipper in sweater

Hi there! I’ve just finished knitting a cardigan (my first adult sweater!! YEAH!). It was easier than I thought and am pretty happy with it. I used Knitting Pure & Simple neckdown jacket pattern #201. The instructions were very clear and I’d recommend it for anyone who is just starting out on sweaters.

Now I have to sew in the zipper and have never dealt with zippers before. The pattern calls for a separating zipper. My LYS told me to base stitch the zipper in place and then hand sew it in. My problem is that the sweater is stockinet stich and the edges where the zipper goes is curling. What should I do? Ignore the curling and go ahead and base stich the zipper in anyway? Helpppp!!!

Hey there,

I know exactly what you mean…I had a sweater that I did just like that curling and all.

I did manage to fix it by crocheting the zipper edges before I put the zipper in. That gave a nice edge to sew onto. Not to mention a nice look too.

I’ll take a picture and post it up for you sometime in the next few hours.


Thanks Lori! I’m really glad to hear that there’s still hope for this sweater yet…it took me almost a month to complete and I’d hate to have to rip it out…actually I probably wouldn’t do that as it would break my heart! :frowning:

Did the pattern ask you to knit a band where the zipper will be installed? I just did the ribby cardi and we had to pick up stitches at the zipper edge and seed stitch a band for the zipper to lie.

Here’s a good link for installing a zipper from *

I, of course, didn’t install my zipper…I was too afraid a hand sewn in one would come out too…so I had a seamstress do it for me.

*[Editor’s note: We can not link directly to this site, per owner’s request. So I’ve removed the direct link. ~Amy]

Hi Roxanne! Thanks for sharing that link. My pattern didn’t call for a band for the zipper…hence my curling problem. I just looked at the link and understand how nicely a band would have worked. Unfortunately I it’s too late at this point to add one because the fronts of the sweater would end up bigger than they should be.

Now that I see how to pin down the zipper I just did mine and discovered that the 20" separating zipper is too short!! I didn’t realize that you can cut a zipper to make it fit perfectly. Looks like I’ll be making another trip down to the store to get another zipper…

I’m thinking that learning how to knit is the easy part…it’s all the details and tricks that go along with the knitting that are killing me! Thank goodness for all you generous people out there willing to share your time and knowledge…THANK YOU. :smiley:

The first time I tried to post it didn’t work, maybe this will.

This is a closeup of the row of crochet I added to the cardigan. It was my first, and not perfect but I am proud anyway!

My zipper was too short and I didn’t want to "shorten the zipper, instead I went with the shorter zipper and added two buttons and a chain loop for the closure above the top of the zipper. I’ll try to post a pic, it is hard to visualize…


Off Topic: Are you serious? Chicknits won’t let others link to “deep pages” on their website? How short-sighted and blustery of them. What publication doesn’t want distribution?

Let me guess… we’re allowed to link to their homepage, but not to any other page on their site? To maintain the “sanctity” of their user experience? :roll:

What a load of hooey. Someone needs to explain the formless nature of the Web and the benefits of the free flow of information to the sweethearts behind that site.

Someone should report them to, which catalogs stupid linking policies of specific sites on the Web. I especially like the Official Linking Policy of this site, which states:

Note, I understand that hotlinking an image file is wrong, unless you have permission-- it’s stealing someone’s creative work and making them pay for bandwidth. But I fail to see how simple LINKS to another website are ever wrong. It’s like saying “Hey, Chicknits has some cool stuff… I’ll make it easy for you to check out. Click here.”

Actually, we’re not allowed to link to any pages on that site. At least, that’s my understanding. It’s not a general policy, but a stipulation specific to this site. (It’s a long story.)

  1. Ooo. Sounds juicy. Is it a long story you’re allowed to tell?

  2. No matter the history, it’s still a stupid policy on their part.

  3. Do we need to start rival knitting gangs? Amy and her crew will all wear blue scarves, and the chicknits weenies will wear red legwarmers.

LOL. :lol: For fear of fanning the flames, I won’t go into the full story. (Thanks for being so quick to be by my side, though! :wink: Nice to have such a loyal following! :))

DH and I have been listening to an audio book of The DaVinci Code. We’re on the last section tonight! It’s a fun book. I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done to it! Let’s see: two pairs of Fuzzy Feet felted slippers, a knit square for a quilt my co-workers and I are making for a co-worker who’s leaving; and now I’m on to a felted cat bed. Knitting and book-listening! What a combo!!! :slight_smile:

What’cha working on, Flappy?


Well, I’m a newbie knitter, so I’m still working away on scarves.

So far, I’ve made:

  1. An garter stitch scarf that’s about four feet long by a foot wide.
  2. A fetching lengthwise garter stitch scarf in wool-- one long blue stripe and one long green stripe.
  3. This bad boy in dark blue:
  4. This hot momma as pictured:
  5. A schizophrenic “bag lady” scarf made up in crazy mixed patterns and colors.
  6. And right now, I’m working on a keyhole scarf in ice blue cotton and brown wool.

I highly recommend #3 as a second project for new knitters. Yes, the yarn is (very) expensive, but it’s easy to knit and very soft.

Ok, I’ll drop the chicknits questions for now. I like the idea of knitting gangs, though. Let me know if you want me to do a drive-by bind-off on that @%&*#.

Oooh, I have read the illustrated version and just loved it. Inspired by the book, I am just about to dig into “The Pagan Christ” by Tom Harpur. Did you read Angels & Demons first? That’s where the main character, Robert Langdon, starts. You can read DVC on its own, but get a better character background on him by reading A&D first. I recommend going to after you are finished the book and checking out his website. Very powerful stuff over there about each of his books.

Oooh, Beldaraan, thanks for the tip! I’ll have to check out the first book. I’m glad to hear he uses the same character. I love a good series. It’s so sad when you read a good book, and that’s all there is for the characters you’ve become attached to! Although, I think in this case, I was more attached to the action than the characters. Not exactly a character-driven book. But a fun action-filled plot. Just my cup of tea at the moment.

I’ll check out the web site. I took a peak at it before, but I didn’t want to look too hard, for fear of giving something away! Is it safe to look at the site for the other book? Or is there stuff given away for that book too?

I need to get my hands on a real copy of the DVC. My audio book had a couple of skips in it, and Langdon’s final words to the bad-guy were totally garbled! (Doh!)

Flappy, “a drive-by bind-off?!” ROFL, you’re too funny!!!
Those projects look great. I’m always interested to hear about what projects a new knitter likes. I’ve been thinking it would be fun to put together a “Brand New Knitters” pattern package, with a handful of projects for the brand new knitter, to offer on this site. When I’ve got the DVD done maybe. Ohhh, so many projects for this site I want to do!

Oh dear Amy…so sorry!! Have you posted somewhere a list of those we can’t link to? I remember you mentioning that about the free patterns. I don’t want to make you do extra work of editing our comments and if I know who not to link to, I won’t do it. I’ll search around on the forums…you probably have posted it somewhere!

Roxanne, it’s fine! I actually haven’t mentioned it anywhere, so you’ve not missed anything. I haven’t mentioned it, because I don’t want to announce it on a loud speaker, because I’m afraid it might be negative advertising for the chicknits lady. So I’m trying to be subtle about it. I’m honestly not sure what the best way to go about it is. I don’t want to raise any more eyebrows than necessary. I just wanted to explain why I had to remove the link. It’s a bizarre request she’s made. I’ve had a few bizarre requests. Another woman didn’t want me to send her traffic by linking to her free patterns, because she was close to her bandwidth limit, and didn’t want to pay more for the added traffic! (Even though she was selling products on her site, and it seems that traffic would be a good thing…?! People can be funny.) Anyway, I’m sure it makes perfect sense in Chicknit-lady’s mind. I don’t really understand her reasoning, but she didn’t seem negotiable on the topic, so I’m just trying to obey her wishes.

Okay Amy, I hear you! It’s a sensitive topic and somewhat private and I know you want to respect that and be respectful to the other party too so no need for neon lights on who to link to and not link to :wink:

I understand…I sure do know how hard it can be to diffuse difficult situations.

Read the book(s) first!!! He has a section with extra information for each of his books. For the DVC, he has two challenges (detective work) that you can do. You get to find out what his next book involving this series will be about. I’ve done both of them and they were great fun.

Here’s one of my favourite comments from his site in the FAQ section:

Much of the positive response I get from within organized religion comes from nuns (who write to thank me for pointing out that they have sacrificed their entire lives to the Church and are still considered “unfit” to serve behind the altar).

If you want to discuss DVC and A&D, after you’ve read it, feel free to PM me. I love talking about both of these books and the thoughts that they bring to light.