Zimmerman's Surprise Jacket Qs

I have purchased the Adult Surprise Jacket pattern and have a couple of Qs I need help with before I can proceed, please. I’m sure in this group of knitters there are those who have made the jacket using the “one piece” method where it starts with decreasing, not the “two piece” that begins with increasing shown in the book: “Knit one, Knit all”.

  1. I assume the outer sections prior to decreasing are going to be the sleeves, so these sections must not decrease as work proceeds, therefore dec’ing sts has to occur within the marked space which is going to be across the shoulders. Is this correct?

  2. When the dec is completed, there are to be 5 x (K) sts remaining. Is this the total on the needle or the # of sts between the dec’s only? Problem: If the # of sts in the sleeve sections (which I assume are not to decrease) is included in this count, then the total left is much higher than just the backneck section which is where the dec’ing is taking place, if my assumption in the first qs is correct.

I hope someone can help me. Thank you!:grphug:

  1. The increase and decrease points will shape the underarm. In the original one piece pattern the cast on sts form the top of the sleeve and neck. The sleeve is seamed across the cast on sts at the top of the arm and shoulder, rather than underneath.

  2. "there are to be 5 x (K) sts remaining."
    I think these would be the ones between the dec points, though I only have the BSJ pattern which has the number of sts, not 5x K.