Zimmermann rib warmer question

Question one–I have some malabrigo-type yarn from handpaintedyarns.com
that I want to use for a ribwarmer. I do not particularly want to put
on an I-cord edging because I don’t want a look that is that formal. I
have swatched, and the thick and thin nature of the yarn makes the
garter edge look somewhat irregular. Should I try to do something
about this, and if so, what?

Second question–I got the additional instructions from Schoolhouse
Press. I am not sure that I understand how to make the ribwarmer
pattern bigger. In once place it seems to say that EZ suggested using
a 12 as a basic number instead of a 10. Does this mean that when the
original pattern says 10 stitches, I should do 12, and when it says 40
ridges, I should do 48? In a second place, it recommends increasing
the side stitches, or if that will not be enough, increasing the
shoulder stitches.

I’m not sure anyone has done this pattern…at least I haven’t seen it. :?? :thinking:

I think some have on the BabySurprise group. They have people start out with the ribwarmers to get the hang of the short rows.


I made this, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember. When I get home, I’ll look in Knitter’s Workshop and check it for you.