Zimmerman Baby Sweater-M1

I am making the popular February Baby Sweater from EZ’s Almanac. After the first 8 rows I am to K2, M1. There are many ways to make a stitch. Is there a more preferable one for this pattern? Which kind of M1 technique should I use?


I use the bar increase. It doesn’t make a hole like the kfront&back method. I’m making the BSJ too!

EZ’s M1 was usually a backward loop, but you could use any of the ones listed on the Increases page here. Try out various ones with some scrap yarn and see what you like.

I don’t know, but I know EZ says in [U]Knitting Without Tears[/U] (pages 26-27 that the simple backward loop M1 was her favorite M1 at that time.
This book was probably written after that one, so she may have had another favorite by then, or just found that another one worked better in this situation. :slight_smile:

KFB [I]is[/I] the bar increase because it leaves a bar. The bar doesn’t show in garter and it doesn’t leave a hole. At least when I do it.
I use KFB on the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Some people call the M1 where you lift the yarn (the bar) between 2 sts a bar increase. It could be called a lifted bar inc I suppose.

Oh I see, well then ignore my comment because that type DOES leave a small hole.

Yeah I was talking about the lifting the bar between stitches thing. I have no idea what anything is called. I can’t read graphs either. I usually call things thingamabobs.:teehee:

thank you everyone for all your help!

I tried using the backward loop and picking up the bar method and both left holes that I didn’t care for.

Instead, I used the knit front and back technique.

Now I am on the sleeves part but am having trouble interpreting the directions. Might I get some help on this?

When she says 4.5", is this from the top of the piece or only from when the pattern was started?

I don’t quite understand the work 25sts and then work 28sts. Does the 25sts include the first 4st of garter? Does this mean work in pattern up to 25sts, then turn work and work in pattern for 28sts? When do I cast on the 7sts? If it’s at the end of the row, wouldn’t that break up my garter stitch button band at the end?

Also, I’m not there yet, but what does “knitting up 4X7 sts at the cast-on sleeve sts” mean?

Does anyone know of a tutorial for this particular pattern?

Thanks for the help!

When she says 4.5", is this from the top of the piece or only from when the pattern was started? and all the rest…

Dunno, it’s hard to say with what you posted, can you write out the whole sentence in context?


I was just doing a search for an answer to the exact same question, and I’m wondering if you got a helpful answer? I read your following thread about holding the 28 sts while you work the sleeve, but I’m still confused about her wording ‘work back-and-forth’. also, curious about the 4 1/2" : from the top or from the pattern?

oh! and one other question: when you did the buttonholes, did you find that one YO, Ktog gave you a large enough hole?


I figured out that EZ must’ve meant 4.5" from the top and not after the garter stitching because that would just make it too long.

She says “work back and forth” because the directions are written for making the sleeves part on straight needles. You have to seam them up when done. I just avoided that by joining the stitches for the sleeves in the round so no seaming is necessary.

Yes, I do think the buttonholes were large enough for good sized buttons.

I posted my notes for this sweater on Ravelry so if you are a member and would like to check out my finished sweater, my username is: “lilolmy”

Hope that helps!