Zigzag scarf?

I “think” I saw a free pattern for a zigzag scarf similare to this buyable pattern here.

Have I just dreamt that or is there a free one somewhere out there? :??

Go to http://www.artyarns.com/newsite/tutorials_main.htm and sign up for their free tutorials. Every few weeks or so, you’ll get a modular knitting lesson. There are photos at the site to show you what you’ll get.

By learning the techniques, you’ll be able to crank out the scarf in no time.

MrsBear, Thanks so much for this link!! I just signed up and can hardly wait to begin the turorials!! What fun! Do you know if they begin @ lesson one, or do you just start getting the tutorial according to the # in the sequence of the tutorials that they happen to be in?

Javede, I looked around, but couldn’t find your pattern.

Is this it, Javede?


Ooooh pretty!

Ooooh pretty![/quote]

ditto…gotta have it…it goes on the list with the other 5 or 6 gazillion future projects :smiley:

:inlove: :inlove: I think I may have to make this for myself!!! Very pretty!!! Love that red yarn, yummy!

Definitely one for the to-do pile!

ohh thanks I saved this one too I have been looking for different scarfs to make for Christmas :lol:

Thank you Mer!!!
:cheering: :cheering: :thumbsup:

That is indeed the pattern I searched for. I’m going to print it now, in order to not loose it again. With all these patterns in my bookmarks and on my PC it’s almost impossible to find a specific pattern(I could have sworn this one was on a commercial shop site).

MrsBear87, I actually signed up for that long ago, how could I forget :doh:
And I got a british magazin with instructions for short rows and their different uses :oops:
Sometimes I forget about the things I have.

dustinac, that’s exactly the reason why I was searching for the pattern. I’m normally an early starter when it comes to gifts(like last year I had the first christmas gift in july). I plan on making a scarf/hat set for everyone in the family, but also want to expand my knitting knowledge.
Another scarf I’m planning to do is this one.

I making christmas presents now too.

KellyK is making that scarf right now. She has pics in the General Forum.

javede~ I have that one saved too thought it would be manly enough for my dad and dh LOL it will also be my first attempt at CABLES :shock: LOL I usually make Christmas gifts too just having trouble this year getting myself in gear!! :smiley:

Glad I could help! :smiley:

I really love :inlove: that zig zag scarf! I love the red and pink colors of the yarn. I clicked the link from the pattern page to see the reccomended yarn and I don’t see that color. Do you guys have any suggestions of other yarns that might give a similar look?


I just finished that Irish Hiking Scarf and the cables were really really easy!!! i was kinda worried at first, but it is beyond simple! Amy has a nice video here to demo and once you get a hang of that, it will be a breeze!

Have fun! :XX:

I decided to just play around with this today… am curious has anyone made this? If you have made it did you have trouble with the Commence Zig Zag part?? If you are making it did you have trouble there? I’ve hit a snag should have known that I would!! Its just not my week to start new things :lol:

I did a little test swatch out of it. I didn’t had much of a problem, but was a bit scared at the long directions.
If you want to try out something easier try out this one. You can see a pic here http://www.keyboardbiologist.net/knitblog/images2004/20041018_DiadominaDiagonalScarf.JPG.

Thank you I might have to this is what I got stuck on I’m not sure if I’m just not reading it right or like my teacher says I’m over thinking it LOL

At the end of the Second Foundation Triangle it says:
9 Inc, K9. (11) You will have reached the marker you placed on the cast on row
again. At this point you will have 11 sts on the right hand needle and 23 on the
left (34 sts in total) TURN
10 Sl1P, P to end.
Which I have done I now have all stitches on one needle…

Then it says:
Commence Zig Zag Pattern
1 Inc, K9, SSK, TURN (12)
2 Sl1, K to end
3 Inc, P10, P2tog, TURN (13)

This is where I have my trouble if I’m working with just those first 11 stitches then when I inc. that leaves 10 on the left needle, after I knit my 9 I won’t have enough to do the SSK cause ya need two stiches… and I thought SSK was decrease so I don’t understand how they keep getting more stitches lol cause it seems like the decrease would just cancel out the inc… :?? so ummm… LOL thats where I’m at everything else went so easy for me… but of course it was just basic Inc and K and P too… :rollseyes:

I :heart: this pattern!! Although I decided after 5 of the main section repeats that I should have used a smaller needle, frogged the whole thing and started over, but it’s so much fun!! I’m sitting here at work and wishing that I could be home knitting, but that’s nothing new.

JLC, this scarf is alot of fun I’ve really enjoyed working on it after I got past the small snag I hit LOL. I’m changing colors in mine cause I’m using old yarn from several years ago and somewhere along the way of kids and moves the yarn lost its paper and I can’t find anything that look likes it LOL so using the 3 colors I had to use it up… My mom really likes the design and colors so prolly gonna be hers when I get done with it :smiley: