Zigzag Mesh Stitch

Hi, I’m trying to learn zigzag mesh stitch: the pattern I have is as follows:
row 1: k1, *(yfwd, ssk) twice, k1, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, k1, rep fom *
row 2: p
row 3: k2, yfwd, ask, yfwd, s1 k2tog psso, yfwd, k2tog, yfwd, k3, ref from end last rep k2 (instead of 3)
row 4: p

rep rows 1-4 to form pattern

I have a few questions about this pattern:

  • why are some instruction on row 1 in brackets?
  • with ‘psso’ i understand it means ‘pass slipped stitch over’ but does this mean on the right hand needle once you have done the ‘k2tog’?
  • on the purl rows i end up with slipped crossed over strands from previous rows, do i purl this strand or push it off the left hand needle without doing anything to it?

i’m generally having trouble, the pattern is not working out at all for me so please help! thank you :slight_smile:

The sts are in brackets (or parentheses) to show you exactly which sts to repeat twice. In row one, repeat the yfwd [I]and[/I] ssk or later the k2tog [I]and[/I] the yfwd. It’s similar to the asterisks in row 3 which tell you what sts or pattern to repeat.

Yes, you’re right about the psso, it happens on the right needle.

The slipped sts are off the needle already as you note in the last question. I think the sts that are crossed over the needle from the previous row are the yarn overs caused when you bring the yarn forward (yfwd) before the next st. That’s all correct and on the purl row you should treat those yarn overs as sts and purl them.

The total sts seem to be increasing from row 1 to 3. Is that supposed to happen in this pattern or is there more of it than you’ve quoted?

okay thank you so much, no that’s all of the pattern, that’s strange that it seems to increase then :confused:
another problem i’m having is that i run out of stitches sort of half way through the repeat of the instructions which would suggest that the number of stitches is decreasing not increasing?

The pattern in row 3 is calling for more sts than you have (the sts have increased in that row). That’s why you’ve run out of sts. There’s a mistake in row 3, I think.
row 3: k2, yfwd, ask, yfwd, s1 k2tog psso, yfwd, k2tog, yfwd, [B]k3,[/B] ref from end last rep k2
Leave out the K3 in bold.


i’ll let you know if it works out now :slight_smile:

hmmm now in the first row, i run out of stitches after k2 tog…

Start with 11sts on scrap yarn just to see the pattern work:
row 1 k1, *(yfwd, ssk) twice, k1, (k2tog, yfwd) twice, k1, rep fom *

The k1 uses 1, the ssk uses 2sts twice (4total), k1, the k2tog uses 2 (4 total) and the row end k1. That’s 11sts.

There’s a typo in what she posted the ‘ask’ should be SSK which would put the 4th dec in there and prevent the sts from increasing. The repeat is 10 sts in both row 1 and 3 and it’s only on the last repeat in row 3 that the final k3 should be a k2. She shouldn’t be leaving out any stitches.

Yes, you’re right. I was considering the “ask” as an ssk but only doing one repeat, so it should end k2.

okay maybe i’m doing the ssk bit wrong, how are you supposed to?

p.s. suzeeq i’m afraid i don’t understand what you said, sorry i’m a very new knitter! i followed the typo bit but the bit after i didn’t follow :frowning:

A ssk is slip 2 sts separately as if to knit then put the L needle into the front of them and wrap the yarn around the R needle to knit together. It’s in the decreases page with a video.

Salmonmac wasn’t reading it as a dec so for her there were 4 incs (the YOs) and only 3 decs, but since it’s a dec too, they balance out which leaves your stitches the same number. That makes the stitch repeat use 10 sts and leaves 10 when you’ve done the repeat. You might be unfamiliar with the double dec - s1 k2tog psso. For that you slip 1 st, k2tog, then pass the slip st over.

She also said to leave out the K3 but you need that in there. You’ll k1 at the beg of the row, then do everything in the repeat across the row, but at the end you’ll only have enough sts to k2 instead of k3.

thank you, i still cannot work this stitch, my ssk’s are impossibly tight, is this normal when you’re just learning this stitch or am i doing something wrong?

Take a look at this video from the Free Videos tab, Decreases at KH. See if you’re doing the ssk the same way.

Also take a look at the purl videos. You might be wrapping them ‘backwards’ which twists them and makes them hard to knit into on the next row. That’s okay, but you might substitute k2tog tbl for the ssk instead and they won’t be so tight.

okay i’ve now managed the ssk’s but my number of stitches gets one less each row… !

You’re fogetting a YO or dropping it when you work the next row. Look at the pattern row and name the sts as you come to them.

knit, yo, dec yo dec knit, dec yo dec yo knit yo dec yo dec, knit, and so on. You may have forgot the very last one.

i’ll have another go, thanks for your help so far!

i can now work this stitch in chunky wool but not fine wool?! will this just be due to me being a new knitter and finer wool being harder to work with?