Zigzag knotted rib help

I’m trying to knit an edging for a scarf with this stitch:
Zigzag Knotted Rib
& I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
(it doesn’t look like the picture at ALL, what I’m doing.)
the thing that made sense to me was sticking the right needle (right-handed knitting) from the side facing away from me through the back loop of the second stitch so it’s pointing toward me, then wyif knitting the second stitch that way, then pulling the yarn between the needles so I can knit the first st wyib.
obviously this is wrong, though.
I also tried contrary to the apparent instructions just knitting the second stich with the first stitch on the needle normally, and then knitting the first, but that didn’t work either.
if anyone out there can enlighten me, I’d be eternally grateful!!!

thanks in advance.

[size=2]Mod Squad was here (link shortened)[/size]

Keep your yarn in back, don’t bring it to the front. When you stick your needle between the stitches from the back, you’ll twist the needle around to knit the second stitch normally. Then knit the first stitch and drop both of them off the needle. Basically, it’s a twist stitch and you’ll end up with the 1st st crossed over the 2nd stitch.


ok, … I think I kind of understand what I’m supposed to do - but when I tried that - stuck the needle through from the back, then twisted it around so the point was in the back again, it made the cast on edge/row go over the top of the needle and I can’t figure out how to make that stop.
also, do I just have to knit the whole thing really loosely then, or is there some other way to make the twisting part easier?
thanks for your help!

do you know if there’s a video anywhere of this? (I looked in the list on this site, but didn’t see it.)

I think you’re supposed to knit the second stitch through the back loop, but don’t do any twisting. Just insert it from right to left. Knit that stitch, then bring the needle to the front and knit the first stitch as normal.

I have now tried every possible way I could think of, what I could make of what people said here, and what this book said, montse stanley said, and the knitter’s bible said. and still none of them look like that picture (though most of them look pretty much like each other.)
I even switched yarns a couple times.
has this ever happened to anyone else?
I just don’t understand!
maybe I am just looking at the picture and hallucinating wildly…

Here’s the easiest way to do this… When you come to where you’re supposed to work this, slip the first stitch off the needle and let it hang in the front, knit the 2nd stitch, slide it off and put the 1st st back on the left needle and knit it.


I figured it out - I’ve been knitting into the back loop for an entire year, thinking I was doing it correctly.

thanks everybody, this place is the best.