Ziggurat Method

Hi everyone and thank you for your really helpful comments. OK I am revisiting this puzzle later today - wish me luck!



I’ve been curious about this technique for a while now. You’ve inspired me to download her mini-Ziggurat to give it a test run!


Hi there - and everyone else who commented on my struggles with the Ziggurat method. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet for the past week. I didn’t give up and I sorted out my weird needle pointing the wrong way problem (I’d made the loop in the cable incorrectly). I’ve encountered other difficulties since but am sticking at it and have now got to shaping the tops of the sleeves and increasing the neck line - her methods aren’t the easiest but I have to say that it’s very satisfying - a bit like sculpting with knitting. I’ll post a picture when I’m a bit further on!


Good for you for persisting with this very fascinating knit. I actually think the name is a bit off-putting but it sounds like you have it conquered.

YAY!!! I was unable to help and I wanted to. You inspired me. I figured out how to start a top down sweater with set in sleeves without cutting the yarn on one shoulder. I think we both deserve to feel good about what we’ve accomplished. You’re much braver than I so you should feel extra good about yours.


Good to hear its going well.