Zig Zag Ribbon Dishcloth - K1B and K1BL

Zig Zag Ribbons Cloth - How do I do the K1B and K1BL?

This dishcloth pattern is confusing. The pattern instructions explain these stitches as follows:

K1B: K1 in front of st in row below, k st on needle

K1BL: K1 in back of next st in row below, k next st

So, I am ready to begin the zig zag pattern. I have 46 stitches on my needle and this is what the pattern says for Row 2: *K1B, k2, ssk. k5, rep from * across. I also have a 3 stitch garter border on each row. So, if I follow what the pattern says, I run out of stitches. If I do K1B like the online tutorials, it will not be an increase and then when I do the ssk I will have a decrease in the row and will not have 46 stiches when I purl back (as I am to do for every odd row). I am fairly new to knitting so I hope I have not been too confusing in describing my problem and welcome any suggestions. Thank you!

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There are tutorials out there for K1B, knit one below which are not increases, just knitting into the front of the stitch on the previous row. You need an increase like KRL that gives you one increased stitch. If you do something similar for the K1BL, but knit into the back of the loop to twist the stitch, then knit the stitch, that’ll also give you the increase that you want.

K1B: K1 in front of st in row below, [B]k st on needle[/B]

The way I read this, they’re telling you to knit the stitch on the previous row, then knit the one in the current row before you pull the stitches off. [I]Normally[/I] you’d pull both stitches (the stitches on both rows) off [I]together[/I] which would result in no increase. But if you knit both stitches [I]individually[/I], you’d get … two stitches where there used to be one.

That’s what I see, and probably they should’ve called it something else (though I don’t know what the real official name for it would be) to avoid this confusion.

Just my 2% of a buck.

Yes, these are increases which are shown at our page as KRL and KLL.

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