Zero in instructions for my size


knitting my first hoodie jumper…the pattern reads:
1st row - K0 (0-2-0-2-0),*P2, K2 rep from * to last 2( 2-0-2-0-2) sts, P2 (2-0-2-0-2).
2nd row - P0(0-2-0-2-0) *K2, P2 rep from * to last 2(2-0-2-0-2) sts K2 (2-0-2-0-2).
last 2 rows from rib.

i am knitting a large jumper, does that mean I start from P2 first as for large it is K0.

Yes, if there’s a zero for your size, skip that instruction and go on to the next. In your case that’s the P2, K2 repeat.