Zadie pattern by Mercedes Tarasovich

First, I want to apologize with all posting in this topic.
I really not sure how to do the transition from Yoke (short row) to Body.
I stopped at yoke ending round 5 sts before contrasts m. , and not sure how to continue with the Body work set-up round. It jus doesn’t tie with my counting.

The othe things which confuse me is the removing m and the pm. I just don’t see any marker for me to remove when I follow the instructions.

Work set-up rnd: *Place contrasting m, p2, work rnd 1 of left twist cable chart removing m, p2, pm. K to 5 sts before next m, pm, p2, work rnd 1 of right twist cable chart removing m, p2, pm, k to 5 sts before next m.

Left twist cable, beg with 6 sts, work over 8 sts
Round 1: (K2, m1) 2x, k2. (8 sts)

Right twist cable, beg with 6 sts, work over 8 sts
Round 1: (K2, m1) 2x, k2. (8 sts)


You should have 4 markers, one of which is called the contrasting marker and the stitch count should be 278sts. You’re going to increase 8sts on this first round (2sts per marker). Does that accord with the stitch number you have? If not, what is your stitch count?

From then on you’ll be following the directions and shifting the markers as you go.
Start 5sts before the contrasting marker, P2 and then work a left twist cable. You’re going to be removing the former marker and continuing on with the instructions.

Please remove most of the directions since posting so much of the pattern causes copyright problems…

Sorry Salmonmac. It was difficult for me to explain, so I posted most of it .

I have total 278 sts.
I started at the 5 sts before the constrasting marker.
I p2 first, then repeat the rnd 1 chart till the next marker B. But I have 1 sts left before the marker B.
I was expecting that there is no sts left before the marker B., then I can remove the marker and then p2.

Not sure what I did wrong there.

The left twist chart only uses 6sts at the same time increasing by 2sts. Work that 6stitch chart once removing the contrasting marker when you come to it. Then p2sts and place a marker. That should leave you the rest of the first sleeve sts until you get to 5sts before the next marker.

I understand about posting the pattern in order to ask the question but we still have a responsibility to the designer. Use the pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit and shorten the post please.

Ahh… many thanks.

I thought I understand the instructions, and it seem I am not doing it right. As you can see my photo is looking different than the pattern picture. VS

The chart has Rnd 1 to 24. (and the Rnd 1 to 8 is highlighted as set up)

The instruction written…

  1. Work set-up rnd: Instruction on work rnd 1 of Left and Right cable chat pattern.
  2. Then ‘Work one rnd in St st and est cable pattern’.
  3. Continuing in est pattern, begin raglan shaping: **p2, work cable chart sts, p2, sm, k1,…etc
  4. Rep shaping rnd …
  5. Work one rnd in est St st and cable pattern.

Here is what I done on mine…
After joining the body and sleeve, I worked as instructed on Rnd 1of the chart (step 1).
Then I start Rnd 2 onwards as my Step 2.

I don’t think I follow the instructions correctly or misread it.
What does that mean ‘work ONE rnd in St st and est cable pattern’?
and when do we really start the Rnd 2 to Rnd 24 cable chart?

I really stuck with this body section. Though it almost done with this project and I still cannot find the exit correctly. :pensive:

Btw, how do I delete the post I posted?


Work one round in stockinette stitch and established cable pattern means to knit one round without any increases or shaping. The cable arm with the purl rows doesn’t show spacing with this plain row of knitting. It’s possible that your chart only shows every other round? Are the rounds numbered in the chart?
In step 3 begin the raglan shaping. That must be a k2tog before the k1, p2, cable, p2, k1 and a k2tog after. I don’t see these decreases for the raglan in your photo. It looks like the decreases are every other round.

Sound like I need to work one round as the established pattern (knit follow knit, purl follow purl ) after the Round 1 instruction., Am I correct?

As you can see the chart picture, it is knit on every odd rows (except Row 1). I believe the Row show in the chart is mean to round.

In Step 3, here is the instruction:
*p2, work cable chart sts, p2, sm, k1, ssk, k to 3 sts before m, k2tog, k1, sm; rep from * 3 more times — 8 sts dec’d. Rep shape round…etc.

Yea, I am very confuse in the instructions. After the knitted the round 1 (on step 1), I just keep going with round 2, 3 and onward of the chart as step 2.
I am not sure where is the start of round 2, 3 and onward of the chart.

Conclusion is I don’t really under the instruction, it just too confusing to me.

Sorry for all the questions.

Thanks again Salmonmac

The questions are all fine. The chart photo didn’t post. All I see is black.

Work round one using chart rounds 1 for the left twist and right twist cables.
Work round 2 in the established pattern, that is, work chart rounds 2 for the left and right cables with stockinette in the areas outside the cables. On round 3 do the same thing and begin shaping the raglans. Work the decreases before and after the cables as given in the directions. The decreases start on round 3 and continue every other round for the number given for your size. You’ll be decreasing on rounds 3,5,7,9 etc.
The contrasting marker is your beginning of round marker.

Finally I got this project done with big help from Salmonmac. If not, I would be stuck at the Body section (after Yoke). Thanks again, Salmonmac.

Not perfect, but at least I got it done.

Now, I am going to share a clear instruction that helped me. Just in case someone else needed it.

Body (after yoke)

Step 1:

  • Rnd 1 : Follow the 1st rnd written instruction, and make sure the 1st contrast marker is the beg/end of the round.

Step 2:

  • Rnd 2 : Work one round as the est sts along with row 2 chart.

Setp 3:

  • Follow the begin raglan shaping written instruction along with row 3 chart. (Total decreased 8 sts in one round).
    ** This decrease will be repeated in every even round.
    ** The working chart is start from row 1 to row 24, then keep repeating from row 9 to 24 as needed.

Step 4 :

  • Once done with the number of times you needed, work another one round of est St st along with cable row.

Step 5 :

  • Shape Neckline: I started with *P3, P2tog, P2, P2tog, P3, remove m, Purl to next m; repeat *.

Step 6 :

  • Continue in circular garter St for 4 more round, then BO.