Z cuff sock.. not understanding pattren

ok I have knitted up to Row 27 with no problems understanding the Pattren and this is my first time knitting a Sock… so here is what I do not understand…I have done all of the stitching rows up to ROW 27… I am not understanding this step…“Push knitted piece through needles so it is inside out with WS facing. The working yarn should be on the left-hand needle at the beginning of the rnd. Next rnd With yarn in front, sl 1 st to the left-hand needle, bring yarn to back and sl that st back to the right-hand needle, k to the last 2 sts, k2tog—44 sts. Work 32 rnds in St st (k every rnd)… My ? is which way do i start knitting? to the left or do i keep going the same way as i was going before i turned my work inside out? I do not understand the slip stiich wrap”… Please help


You’re going to continue knitting from right to left, but right now, after flipping the work, the yarn is at the end of the left tip rather than at the end of the right tip as it has been.

You’re going to get the yarn back to the right tip and avoid a hole by bringing the yarn around to the front and essentially wrapping it around the stitch that’s on the end of the right needle. Just follow the directions step by step.

The first 27 rows you worked on the outside of your sock, the rs. By pulling the sock/tube through the needles you have turned it inside out and are now working on the inside/ws of the sock. This is no different than when you are knitting flat and turn the piece over from the front side/rs to the back side/ws.

You will contnue to work the sts from the left needle to the right needle.
In order to close the small hole created by turning things inside out, you need to wrap the last stitch of row 27 (which is now the 1st st on your right needle. You need to slip this st from the right needle to the left, wrap the yarn around it then slip the st back to the right needle. Now knit just like like normal off of the left needle.