Yummy Easy Oreo Balls Recipe

One of my coworkers made these and brought them into work today. I thought this would be a great recipe for the holidays.

OMG - They are so good… and easy… and no bake… oh and did I say EASY.

Basically you crush a package of oreos and a bar of cream cheese. Make little balls and coat in melted white chocolate…

Here is a link:

If you make these you have to send some to me!!!

Warning, spoiler alert, spoiler alert!!! When you print the recipe it puts the nutritional info along the side of the page. I seriously did not need to see that! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

thank you!! I just printed it the recipe, they look delish!

Oreos, cream cheese and chocolate - how can that be wrong???

I’m going to try this, this weekend!

I have had these b4 et they ROCK!! Thanks so much for the recipe. Reminded me how much I liked them!

Sounds yummy, and a lot easier than the other candies/sweets I usually make this time of year.

They sounds so good! Thanks for the recipe!

Dp sorry:oops: